A young experienced lawyer will lead a prestigious firm in Nassau – Eye Witness News


Callenders continues its long tradition of fostering emerging talent by appointing Dawson Malone as Capital Managing Partner

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – At just 35 years old, attorney R Dawson Malone has been chosen to lead the Nassau office of the oldest and one of the most prestigious law firms in the Bahamas.

Callenders & Co has thrived for nearly 120 years through its commitment to staying at the forefront of the legal profession, both locally and internationally, and to supporting and advancing emerging young talent wherever possible.

“Success in the legal profession means being able to give your clients the best possible representation in a rapidly changing world,” Malone said.

“It means staying ahead of the ever-increasing speed of technological advancement as well as the ever-changing legislative landscape, both at home and abroad.

“Callenders’ commitment to constant renewal and its enthusiasm for equipping talented young professionals with the tools to shine have sustained the company for more than a century. Today, this commitment is more valuable than ever.

Despite his youth, Malone is already a dominant presence in the profession, having appeared in both civil and criminal courts, and enjoying great success in complex commercial, real estate, public law, environmental and environmental matters. use.

He has also appeared before the Privy Council in London as a junior barrister and senior barrister and has served five court stints on the bench in the Bahamas.

In addition, he has organized continuing education seminars for the Young Bar Association on current topics, guest lectures at the university and bar school levels.

He has also served on the Ethics Committee of the Bahamas Bar Association.

Frederick Smith, QC, the firm’s senior partner, said: “Over the years, Callenders has succeeded by combining extensive experience as a prestigious commercial law firm with a progressive focus on public interest law, including constitutional law, human rights and environmental protection. .

“Dawson embodies and excels in this range of expertise. He is a consummate professional who believes in people and has a brilliant legal mind.

“I couldn’t imagine someone more qualified to lead our Nassau office.”

Malone’s appointment coincides with the latest injection of new talent into the company.

According to longtime senior partner Lester J Turnquest, QC, the new team leader is the ideal choice to guide these fearless and enthusiastic young associates as they hone their skills and gain crucial experience.

“Since 1903, Callenders has been at the forefront of major commercial and constitutional cases, and his reputation in civil litigation and human rights cases is international,” he said.

“We have maintained this elite position by attracting, encouraging and rewarding the excellence and forward-thinking of each new generation of lawyers in the Bahamas.

“Dawson and the young partners who will work and learn under him are the future of the firm, the next bright phase in this tradition.

“With his appointment, we know Callenders’ future is secure.”

Turnquest also thanked former Nassau managing partner Chad Roberts for a job well done in taking the job after Colin Callender passed away in 2015.

He said Roberts remains a valued member of the team and will continue to work with the firm, focusing on corporate and commercial law.


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