Alex Jones’ lawyer could face legal repercussions after phone records leaked


Alex Jones’ lawyer could face professional or legal consequences after he accidentally sent his client’s phone records to opposing counsel, Reuters reports.

Driving the news: Frederico Reynal, who represented the Infowars host in a civil lawsuit that ended this week, sent a trove of previously undisclosed phone data from Jones to the legal team representing two Sandy Elementary families. Hook who sued the conspiracy theorist for defamation.

  • A Texas jury ruled this week that Jones should pay the families $49.2 million in combined compensatory and punitive damages for spreading false information that the 2012 mass shooting, which killed 20 children and six educators, was a hoax.

Catch up fast: “Twelve days ago your lawyers made a mistake and sent me a full digital copy of your cell phone with all the text messages you’ve sent over the past two years… and that’s how I know you lied to me when you said you didn’t text about Sandy Hook,” Mark Bankston, the attorney for the families of the Sandy Hook victims, said in court Wednesday.

  • Reynal requested a mistrial for the misdisclosure, but the judge presiding over the case denied his request.
  • Judge Maya Guerra Gamble told jurors that the contents of Jones’ phone had not been “properly delivered when it should have been”.
  • On Friday, Reynal told the judge he learned about the disclosure when Jones was questioned about it on Wednesday. Gamble said that was “not true”, adding that Reynal provided the court with an email showing he had realized the mistake 12 days earlier, according to Reuters.
  • The Jan. 6 select committee has since requested Jones’ records as part of its ongoing investigation into the Capitol riot.

State of play: Jones could sue Reynal for malpractice, but his claim would hinge on proof that his civil lawsuit would have had a better outcome for him had Reynal not disclosed the data, according to Reuters.

  • There are currently no open disciplinary proceedings against Reynal, who is fired in Texas.

The other side: Reynal said after the case was concluded that his focus was “always on the jury and on presenting the best case for [Jones]“, reports Reuters.


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