An idealistic lawyer gives legal advice in K-Drama’s “Law Cafe”


Neither Kim Yu-ri, played by Lee Se-young, nor Kim Jeong-ho, played by Lee Seung-gi, have become exactly what people expected of them, and yet they end up living in the same apartment building. . This is the premise of legal Korean romantic comedy The cafe of the law.

Yu-ri, a lawyer working at a reputable law firm, is so focused on pro bono cases that she’s costing the firm money. Her idealism in defending workers’ rights leads her to resign and open a legal cafe, where she hopes to solve problems – before people go to court – all for the price of a cup of coffee.

Jeong-ho quit his job as a prosecutor with the intention of writing novels. He also owns a building, one floor of which he inadvertently rents to Yu-ri for his legal cafe. When he discovers the identity of his new tenant, he tries to terminate the contract. He describes his entrepreneurial ideas as impulsive and poorly thought out, but that’s not the real problem. This couple has a history, which makes things awkward between them and caused him to start avoiding her. He would gladly continue to avoid her, but Yu-ri is never inclined to back down, whether representing her own interests or those of her clients.

Both characters speak directly to viewers, with monologues that attempt to provide insight into why they do what they do. This does not mean that they necessarily understand their own feelings or even those of others. Yu-ri doesn’t seem to suspect Jeong-ho’s true feelings for her. Now that he can no longer avoid her, she may have to recognize the obvious evidence.

The legal romantic comedy is based on the bestselling web novel The cafe of the law and also stars Kim Nam-hee, gifted comedian Kim Seul-gi, Oh Dong-min, Ahn Dong-gu, Kim Do-hoon, Jo Han-chul, and Jang Hye-jin.

Lee Se-young, who recently played a tragic heroine in the historical drama Tthe red sleeve, brings plenty of comedic energy to his role as the brash and eccentric lawyer, while Lee Seung-gi offers his signature charismatic charm while playing Jeong-ho. Together, they spark comedic and romantic chemistry. The actors have previously worked together in the drama Hwayugi a.k.a A Korean Odysseywhere he played a great sage and she played a zombie living in her house.

Lee Se-young is also known for his roles in the time travel drama Kairos and historical drama The crowned clown. Lee Seung-gi recently appeared in the thriller Vagabond and the crime drama Mouse.


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