BCC and TTI defeat prominent lawyer in legal challenge to parking system


The city of Bulawayo and its technical partner Tendy Three Investments won a lawsuit which was brought before the High Court against them by a certain Bruce Israel Masamvu.

Prominent Bulawayo lawyer Bruce Israel Masamvu has applied to the High Court of Zimbabwe sitting in Bulawayo for an order under case number HC1460/2 restraining Bulawayo City and Tendy Three’s investments ( TTI) to block or tow his vehicle on the basis of the parking fees collected. by the city of Bulawayo as part of the smart parking system.

The case was heard by Judge Takuva on August 12, 2022, with TTI represented by Kholwani Ngwenya of Mabhikwa, Hikwa Lawyers while Bulawayo City was represented by Promise Ncube of Coglan and Welsh Law Firm while the Plaintiff Masamvu was represented by his Da Silva-Gustavo, a partner in the law firm, and five other lawyers from different laws.

According to the documents in the possession of this publication, Masamvu was contesting the parking charges arising from periods of time that do not constitute an hour and also contesting the illegality and the towing of his vehicle on the basis of the parking charges and also claiming costs of justice on the basis of the filing of the request for an urgent chamber.

TTI and the City of Bulawayo challenged the House’s urgent motion on numerous counts, including arguments that the motion had no legal basis because it was not urgent and the City of Bulawayo was wrongly cited. as Bulawayo City Council and TTI had been misquoted as TTI (PTY) Limited is a company registered and domiciled in South Africa which it is not but it is a Zimbabwean company registered under the laws of Zimbabwe with local shareholders and directors.

Court documents reveal that Bulawayo High Court Judge Takuva dismissed the case with costs to be paid by plaintiff Masamvu.

Following the dismissal of Masamvu’s urgent motion by Judge Takuva, the petitioner withdrew his second motion filed as HC1416/22 seeking to challenge the legality of the parking system and charges. He offered to pay all legal costs incurred by the City of Bulawayo and TTI.

This reporter is reliably informed that there is a minority group of failed Bulawayo businessmen led by one Farai Kizito Manganda, a losing independent parliamentary candidate in 2018 who has the backing of one of the advisers. municipalities of Bulawayo which mobilizes an anti-City of Byo and the intelligent parking system TTI.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that Manganda is pursuing an extended program from Masamvu after his failure to win the lawsuit and said adviser fighting the parking system is represented by Masamvu and Da Silva-Gustavo Law Firm.

The grouping reportedly intends to march to the Bulawayo City offices on Monday, August 22, 2022 to submit a petition to overturn the global smart parking solutions introduced by the City of Bulawayo and its technical partner TTI.

Meanwhile, the city of Bulawayo and TTI recently announced that parking fees of USD 1 per hour are transferable from bay to bay during the paid parking period.


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