Bonkers Law Firm Website: Eyes right


The profile says no.

A virtual law firm has signaled its mastery of cyberspace with profiles of its attorneys that come to life at the touch of a mouse.

According to its website, Jurit “gives you access to the brightest legal minds on a flexible basis”, and a look at its bank of professionals shows how flexible they are. Using the most advanced imaging technology available, Jurit’s attorneys appear to perform nods, smiles, and a myriad of other actions with just a roll of the cursor across their face.

Animations cause not only a sense of wonder, but also unease, confusion, and hopefully an inexplicable desire to instruct.

In many cases, the image is simply reversed, making Christine, Alex, and Stacy seem to doubt who is watching them.




Meanwhile, David and Dan appear to be watching a game of tennis.



It’s unclear why the images of the lawyers were tortured into slight movements, but someone seems to have noticed, and in recent days the profiles have been revamped and made static. This means Fiona and Julian no longer look like they’re admiring each other in the mirror.



And Derek doesn’t look like he’s rocking from side to side after a long lunch.


Visitors can conclude that Jurit decided it just wasn’t appropriate for his lawyers to look like optical illusions.


However, once or twice, Jurit’s photographer managed to secure a budget for a more ambitious concept: shooting sideways.



It’s a mystery why the company didn’t just make everyone smile like Graham and Robert, whose profiles were guaranteed to put potential customers at ease.



Although Blue Steel was also a good shout.

Campaign for Jurit to ditch their boring new professional profiles and go crazy again today, and if you’ve seen a company fly their weird flag, write.

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