BPP students get a boost in ‘people and business skills’ with the collaboration of O Shaped Lawyer


Integrated with SQE preparation

Through a new collaboration with the O Shaped Lawyer Project, BPP has become the latest law school to ensure its aspiring lawyers are equipped with the key people and business skills required for a life in law.

The partnership, announced this week, will see the law school giant integrate O-shaped skills into its range of Lawyer Qualifying Examination (SQE) preparation courses.

For those unfamiliar with the O Shaped concept, it focuses on a framework of five skills – optimism, opportunistic, originality, openness and ownership – and 12 attributes representing the mindset of a well-rounded lawyer.

Project founder Dan Kayne recently left his role as GC at Network Rail to focus full-time on all things O Shaped.

Using a “thinking portfolio,” BPP says students will strengthen their “client and people-focused skills, developing their strong personal foundations for the growth mindset needed to thrive in the legal services market.” of today”.

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It’s been a busy few weeks for the O-shaped lawyer, with the project striking similar deals with prep providers SQE BARBRI and The College of Legal Practice.

Jo-Anne Pugh, Dean of the BPP Law School, said:

“I am delighted to work closely with the O-shaped lawyer. I have been involved in many of the early meetings and wholeheartedly endorse the excellent work done by Dan and his dedicated team. We wanted to work with the O Shaped lawyer in a way that will have the most widespread impact on the early years of vocational training.

Pugh added: “By integrating the five O’s and the 12 attributes into our lawyer education courses, I believe we are giving the opportunity to a significant number of aspiring lawyers to embark on their legal careers with the right skills and mindset.”


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