Bringing business to your law firm can be easy. . . If you use these 8 tips


Laura Symes* We recently published an article in LawFuel on how to bring clients to a law firm and a response to the article made some key points about the need for lawyers to also be aware of factors other than issues such as the perfect setup of their website and listing in directories.

We have covered much more than these issues, of course, but there are other more “holistic” issues related to bringing business to a law firm that lawyers need to be aware of.

Building new business for a law firm requires retaining and leveraging networks and other people as much as using great SEO and digital marketing tools for law firms

Our correspondent noted that one of the best business development tools in the attorney’s arsenal is simply recognizing that anyone they meet could be a client.

As our correspondent said, “Never underestimate or try to evaluate anyone you meet because they will never be your client. I made that mistake again. My underestimated ‘prospect’ because the chief legal counsel of a Fortune 200 company. And I’ve seen too many lawyers make assumptions about who may or may not be a client and treat them poorly.

We agree.

There are many blue-collar sons and daughters who go to Harvard Law School and graduate to become senior executives and lawyers in large corporations, NGOs, government agencies, and elsewhere.

No matter what type of legal practice you have, Big Law or solo attorney, bringing business to a law firm from potential clients is more than just search engine optimization. It’s optimizing for the people you meet by not underestimating them.

It’s just a matter of courtesy to be nice, but remember that no matter how humble or service-oriented the person may be – your auto mechanic or insurance salesman – they or their friends, relatives or offspring could literally make your career. Legal services come in many forms and by many different people.

New business also comes in many forms and it is the contact with people and the memory of a decent person who also practices law that can lead to a major opportunity.

1. Remember your classmates

A second major source of business comes from your peers in college and law school. These are people you need to keep in touch with people who become a major business owner, manager, legal advisor, thought leader or CEO.

Maintaining close contact with your peer group is one of the best ways to generate new business for your own law firm without having to “market” in the conventional way. This is usually work that will come through the personal contact rather than the marketing contact and works on another level compared to the conventional marketing strategies described in features such as our (excellent) law firm marketing guide.

Potentially dramatic business growth can come from any of these connections.

2. Remember your peers in the workplace

Another massive source of business and new clients can come from people you have worked with. They should never be underestimated, and as career trajectories take off and change direction, they can take these people in a number of directions, many of which can provide important business, referral sources, new practice areas, positive reviews and many other benefits. .

These are people who know you and know what work you do and what you are capable of. By maintaining contacts and improving your network with these people, you also use marketing skills (besides just retaining good people in your life) that can pay you a thousand times over in extra work.

Don’t cut ties when people leave or when you quit a job. Maintain contact.

3. Remember your employers and others

Just as you need to keep in mind the people you went to college and worked with, you also need to keep in mind the people you worked with.

Again, these are people who know your work and can do great work in the future, whether they stay with the company or business where you first met or not. Legal business is an ever-changing field, just as lawyers change their work purpose, place of work, and work habits.

By staying in touch with these people, you retain key people who can make a major difference in your legal practice.

4. Stay excited and passionate

Bringing business to your law firm can be easy.  .  .  If you use these 8 tips 2

It may sound trite, but by keeping an element of enthusiasm for your areas of law practice, you’re not just letting people know what you’re doing – but you’re also adding that X-factor that can see you acting like a person. passionate about what you do. you do.

It leads other people to recognize expertise, enthusiasm, passion – and it can translate into many lawyers understanding that you are the right person for a job.

Just keeping the excitement going and talking about your work (including networking events, etc.) will help you “sell” your expertise without having to come off as a white-shoe car salesman.

5. Get outside

Bringing business to your law firm can be easy.  .  .  If you use these 8 tips 3

Our law firm marketing guide talked about networking and attending local events etc., just like we did about how to get new customers for your business – but the simple fact is that showcasing yourself by being approachable and friendly, attending events no matter how small can really help you develop your expertise and your ability to grow your law firm’s business.

Getting on someone’s radar is something you need to do to grow the business.

6. The “trick” of sponsorship

Bringing business to your law firm can be easy.  .  .  If you use these 8 tips 4

Seeking customer referrals is a major overlooked way to attract new customers. It may seem difficult, but setting the right track by asking existing clients if they know anyone who could use your services is a very effective business building tool.

Most customers will be only too happy to consider or comply with such requests. And the word-of-mouth power of a referral from a friend or associate is one of the most effective ways to grow your law firm’s practice.

The same can apply to lawyer friends. If they practice in different cities, states, or even countries, they usually can’t be too happy to refer to a job they can’t handle or aren’t interested in handling.

Asking for referrals can lead to building a successful law firm and it’s an easy job you can do during downtime. As with most of these often overlooked tactics, it also takes less money than using many other legal marketing techniques.

7. Delegate less important tasks

Bringing business to your law firm can be easy.  .  .  If you use these 8 tips 5

Any entrepreneur can tell you about the need to delegate to grow a business. Logically, your best ability to grow your business will be to focus on what you do well, rather than spending unproductive time managing routine tasks that can be delegated.

The growth of “new law firms” and others enables the employment of independent attorneys, but there are also opportunities to use legal technology appropriately. It’s a great way to streamline your workflows in areas like document management, routine payments, virtual assistants, and other technologies that can be used to increase productivity without taxing you for your own time. .

lawfuel STEM lawyers

We wrote here about the 9 Best Law Technology tools to be used to enhance the efficiency and profitability of law firms.

Growing a small firm or any firm a new lawyer wants to grow is a matter of selecting the best way to grow the practice using technology and resources intelligently.

A case study of growing a business can be seen with this study by Vela Woods, which grew to 14 attorneys and with strong year-over-year revenue growth.

8.Plan and Execute

By planning your path to building your law firm, you can run a winning system as a law firm owner by prioritizing and simply using your “smarts”.

It’s not just about digital marketing (although social media and technology inevitably play a big role) and search engine optimization, but rather about finding the best way to grow your practice using what you already have.

Retaining and growing your networks and using simple old fashioned referrals and having a basic technology system to relieve you of boredom and wasted time with routine tasks will allow you to build your personal brand, or your law firm’s brand, as well as your volume of business – and an attractive bottom line.

Author: Laura Symes writes about legal marketing, including social media marketing, web marketing for lawyers, and related issues. She has already written for LawFuel and other publications on legal marketing issues and legal marketing strategies best suited for law firms.

Bringing business to your law firm can be easy.  .  .  If you use these 8 tips 6

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