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Transformation of technological achievements; Equity participation and financing; Mergers and Acquisitions ; Private equity funds

Cao Peng is a senior partner at Jiaxuan Law Firm and the brand manager of Key & Core Technology Compliance Office. He has long focused on compliance services in the field of science and technology innovation and is committed to providing legal services to innovative entities such as scientific research institutes and technology-based technology companies.

In the field of science and technology achievement transformation, Cao has a unique understanding and understanding of the legal aspect of system construction, project implementation and incentive implementation, and has provided special legal services in the transformation of many major technological achievements for a considerable period. number of well-known research institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics and Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.

In the area of ​​providing technology-based enterprises, Cao has provided high-quality service in capital structure design, investment financing and capital incentive for more than 40 technology-based enterprises. in recent years, including many leading companies in niche industries, and their well-known investment institutions such as Xiaomi and Hubble.

In the field of private equity and venture capital, Cao served as the legal director of the leading national investment institution CASSTAR. He has a wealth of hands-on experience in early-stage angel investing, providing clients with full and comprehensive legal services for investment transactions, including fund deposit, transaction structure design, due diligence, drafting transaction documents, negotiation, delivery and post-investment. day-to-day legal affairs.

In recognition of his rich experience in science and technology innovation, Cao was named Distinguished Lecturer of Lenovo College of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Expert Member of China Science and Technology Business Incubator Alliance. He has been invited to teach courses related to the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the equity investment and financing of scientific research institutes and enterprises such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of agricultural sciences, Aviation Industry Corporation of China, China Southern Power Grid, and universities such as Chinese Academy of Sciences University and Xi’an Jiaotong University. He participated as an expert in the orientation seminar on the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of central enterprises organized by the National Development and Reform Commission.

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