Consumer alert issued for the late Concord law firm


Nov 2 — Consumers looking to recover money from a defunct Concord law firm are encouraged to file a claim in bankruptcy proceedings.

The alert was issued by the New Hampshire banking department on Monday.

The department had imposed fees and penalties on Dargon Law Firm PLLC and its owner Daniel P. Dargon, now known as Drake David Dargon Sr.

The firm opened in late 2008 in Concord and offered mortgage modification services to unlicensed clients, in violation of New Hampshire law, according to a press release. A cease and desist order was issued in April 2010. Dargon was fined $ 129,500 and ordered to pay his former clients restitution totaling $ 147,196.99.

He then fled the state that year and did not pay fines or restitution, the statement said.

Dargon recently filed for bankruptcy and the banking department ordered Dargon to list all consumers, who need to be compensated, as creditors in its ongoing bankruptcy proceedings.

Consumers are advised to apply to US Bankruptcy Court for the District of Massachusetts to “assert their right as a creditor to receive restitution” from Dargon.

A decision is not expected on this legal question before spring 2022.

“With this alert, the department is trying to inform all interested parties of this action so that they can assert their interests in the bankruptcy proceedings and finally receive the restitution due to them,” said the commissioner of the banking department. of New Hampshire, Gerald H. Little, in a statement. declaration.

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