Everything you need to know about Boucher’s hearing as ‘urgent’ legal advice sought


Various charges had been leveled against Boucher, which comes after former national spinner Paul Adams implicated the Proteas head coach in a racial incident while the two were teammates, alleging the former wicketkeeper was part of a a group who called him a “brown sh*t”.


In a lengthy statement posted to his social media platforms on Sunday, however, Adams says he doesn’t want to be “the primary center of attention” at Boucher’s disciplinary hearing related to “gross misconduct.”

“Media recently drew attention to my presentation at SJN last year. I am issuing this statement to set the record straight as I have not spoken to the media or the public about the matter since.

“The goal of SJN was for players/coaches and others involved with CSA to have a platform to speak honestly about their experiences over the years.

“I went to SJN with no malice but with good intentions so that current and future players, regardless of race, wouldn’t have to go through what I and other players did in those days. Also, for to make people aware that there needs to be education and recognition around racism and for us to have greater respect for each other within our society in South Africa.

“At no time did I go there with the intention of expelling Mark Boucher… It is not my job or my desire to find Mark Boucher guilty or not guilty, and to be cross-examined and processed the main center of attention. Therefore, I will not be testifying at Mark Boucher’s next disciplinary hearing.

As previously indicated, the disciplinary procedure was set from May 16 to 20with these dates recently hailed by Boucher’s lawyer, Mohammed Chavoos.


According to Report newspaperBoucher’s legal team made a formal request to CSA’s legal representatives to hold the hearing in public.

If their request is denied, then they will go directly to the Disciplinary Hearing Chairperson, Adv Terry Motau, with their request for a public hearing.

The CSA previously confirmed that an indictment, containing both the disciplinary charges against Boucher, as well as his rights, was provided to him on January 17. The upcoming inquest will also examine concerns and allegations that arose following the resignation of former assistant coach, Enoch Nkwe.

Yet it is also been reported that Nkwe – who was previously expected to be a key witness – will most likely not to be testify to Boucher’s DC.

As the CSA continued to prepare for the hearing, it was reported that it was exploring its options.

“Cricket South Africa has taken note of the statement made by Paul Adams regarding his decision to stand down as a witness in the disciplinary proceedings against Mark Boucher,” chairman Lawson Naidoo said. Sport24 on Sunday.

“CSA will urgently seek the advice of its outside counsel on the impact of this statement on disciplinary proceedings. Once this advice has been received, it will be reviewed by the Board and a further statement will be made in due course.

Some of the charges brought by the CSA against Boucher included:

  • Historically repeatedly used racist and/or offensive and/or inappropriate nicknames regarding a Proteas teammate.
  • Your racist and/or offensive and/or inappropriate remarks having been brought to your attention, you have failed to adequately and/or sufficiently and/or appropriately apologize for these remarks and/or to acknowledge the racist nature of these remarks and /or hurt they caused.
  • You have behaved in a racist or subliminally racist manner; and or
  • You have behaved in a manner unbecoming of an employee in your position
  • Your conduct has brought CSA into disrepute.


The roadmap then says:

“In dealing with the issue of Black Lives Matter and the issue of ‘taking the knee’, you would have addressed the concerns of white players and requested that the manager of the team [who is black] address the concerns of black players.

“It would have created or exacerbated division and alienated players and team. You allegedly did not formalize documented ‘roles and responsibilities’ or meaningful key performance indicators [key performance indicators] for the assistant coach, Mr. Nkwe.

“You have allegedly not provided any specific or sufficiently specific and defined role for Mr. Nkwe and no ‘personal development plan’ has been documented or implemented for Mr. Nkwe; and you would have treated Mr. Nkwe in a manner unbecoming of a leader in your position.


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