Filipino lawyer offers free legal advice on TikTok


Antonino “Tony” Roman III – a licensed lawyer in the Philippines and the US state of New York – has made waves in an area far removed from the law: social media.

Roman, a holder of postgraduate degrees and certificates from Columbia University, Harvard University and Cambridge University, uses his extensive legal experience to help Filipinos, especially the marginalized sector, secure free legal advice.

On his TikTok page, which currently has over a million subscribers, the lawyer provides straightforward, easy-to-understand legal advice and answers to everyday questions and issues, such as what a person can do if the mangoes from a neighbor’s tree fall on their property or so swearing can be considered a felony.

He began his advocacy for the provision of free legal advice “to learn how to abuse Pinoy (so that Filipinos are not mistreated). ” After three months of posting his videos, Roman now has 40 million cumulative views on TikTok and 8 million on Facebook. More than 300,000 follow its Facebook page which has 11 million people (“reach” is the number of unique individuals viewing content).

Public service runs in the family. “Lawyer TikTok” is the son of former Bataan Representatives Antonino Roman, Jr. and Herminia Roman, and the younger brother of Bataan First District Representative Geraldine B. Roman, the first openly transgender member of the Philippine Congress.

He received his LLB and JD from Ateneo University in Manila and his LLM from Columbia Law School in New York. He took special courses in leadership and policy design at Harvard Kennedy School and the University of Cambridge.

Roman grew up in the Philippines but has spent most of his adult life practicing law in the United States. In April 2019, the father of three returned to the Philippines to teach and practice law.

He has experience in movement and discovery practice, trial work including drafting trial and appeal briefs, taking and defending depositions, negotiating and managing protocols eDiscovery, questioning of witnesses, litigation and arbitration in various legal jurisdictions including US, Federal and Philippine state courts. .

With his social media videos, Roman is helping to modernize and democratize legal advice to reach the masses who do not have access to a lawyer, as well as the younger generation who make up the bulk of TikTok users.

In addition to her most viewed video of mangoes falling on someone else’s property (it currently has over 5 million views), her other viral videos deal with issues like rowdy neighbors making loud karaoke all day long. night someone fabricating malicious social media stories, debt and debt collection, child support and many other related topics.

His recent publications provide legal advice on the following questions: What do you do if another driver hits your car but you don’t have a valid driver’s license? Is it allowed to shoot a thief who has entered your house? Can I cut the branch of my neighbor’s tree that protrudes from my fence? Can I prosecute people who constantly insult and embarrass my sister who is a person with a disability?

An article by Roman on the question of the legal change of his first name “Dinalego” (which translates to “did not take a bath” in English) contains a little humor.

Roman regularly posts videos on his TikTok account @attytonyroman.

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