Free legal advice available to residents of Richmondshire



Legal Counsel Melissa Williams outside York Crown Court.

A new project provides legal help and advice to residents of Richmondshire who need it to solve problems in their daily lives, as well as support for those who represent themselves in court.

Three specialist advisers newly recruited for and up by Citizens Advice in North Yorkshire help clients resolve issues relating to housing, family law and discrimination.

The aim of the project is to reduce the number of people who have to go to court by providing legal advice and early referrals to people facing a problem.

People who need to go to court can get help understanding their rights and preparing for the day, and for vulnerable clients who might not otherwise be able to go to court, representation will be provided.

Citizens Advice Mid-North Yorkshire, Scarborough District Citizens Advice and Kirklees Citizens Advice and Law Center have teamed up to implement the Litigants in Person project, ensuring that residents of North Yorkshire have access to expert legal advice.

These councils cover the areas of housing, family law and discrimination experienced at work, in housing or in benefits.

In a nationwide project funded by the Department of Justice and the Access to Justice Foundation, from a jar of just under £ 1million, the local partnership secured 191,000 pounds sterling over two years.

The money is used to pay for legal advice given to those who cannot afford it or who are too vulnerable to access a lawyer.

Carol Shreeve, Managing Director of the Office of Citizens Advice Mid-North Yorkshire, said: “We are delighted to be able to fill the void in providing free specialist advice for North Yorkshire.

“Due to Covid, there has been an increase in the number of people in need of legal advice, especially as the impact of job losses and business closings has hit home.

“While this project is about preventing people from going to court, it is also about empowering people, giving them the support and legal advice they need if they are discriminated against, risk losing. their home or have difficulty navigating. a complex family issue, especially if they cannot afford to pay for expert advice or representation.

Anyone in need of advice can contact Citizens Advice Mid-North Yorkshire on their toll free line 0808 278 7900.



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