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If you are not eligible for legal aid, a lawyer may be able to take on your case as part of their pro bono work.

Pro bono work is free legal help for people who:

  • cannot afford legal services and
  • are not entitled to legal aid

Lawyers work pro bono to ensure everyone has access to justice when they need it.

Pro bono work is voluntary and there is no obligation to do it, although many lawyers choose to do it.

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LawWorks is a charity that connects lawyers with people who cannot get legal help. He can provide free advice on issues such as:

  • debt
  • social rights
  • housing issues
  • labor law
  • consumer disputes

You will need to make an appointment to see a lawyer at one of LawWorks’ legal advice clinics.

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Court costs if you lose your case

You may have to pay court costs if you lose your case and the other party has received professional legal help.

You should discuss any fees you may incur with your lawyer before they start working on your case.

Other Sources of Free Legal Help

Support through the court

Support through the court is a charity that can help you if you have to go to court without a lawyer. It can:

  • explain how the court works
  • help you with forms and any documents you may need in court
  • help you plan what you want to say in court
  • providing someone to go to court with you for help
  • discuss solving problems without going to court
  • provide details of other specialist consultancy agencies

Find your support office through the nearest court

Advice now

AdviceNow is an online advice resource run by the charity Law for Life: The Foundation for Public Legal Education.

It contains practical information about your rights and the law in England and Wales on topics such as:

  • go to court
  • use
  • consumption
  • health and social care
  • crime and police
  • housing and homelessness

Visit the AdviceNow website

Advice to citizens

Your premises Advice to citizens can provide advice on a wide range of issues.


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