How to Protect Your Legal Rights After a Dog Bite Tip 2022


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Check how to protect your legal rights after a dog bite

What causes 4.7 million injuries per year in the United States? The men’s best friend. Our dogs injure humans an average of 4.7 million times a year. Of these bites, approximately 800,000 require medical attention, while 386,000 of these injuries require emergency medical attention and 16 deaths occur each year. The rate of dog bite injuries is highest in children between the ages of 5 and 9, and the rate decreases as children get older. Almost two-thirds of injuries in children aged four and under involve the head or neck.

Injury rates in children are significantly higher in boys than in girls. These statistics are scary. Some of these injuries are the result of the family dog ​​itself, while others are the result of unfamiliar or stray dogs. If someone else’s dog causes an injury, the injured person may have the right to file a cash claim against the owner of the dog.

Rights or obligations related to a dog bite are governed by Art. 3342, which states in part: “A dog owner is liable for damages suffered by a person bitten by the dog while it was in a public place or lawfully in a private place, including the dog owner’s property, regardless of the dog’s past malevolence. or the owner’s knowledge of such malice. In other words, if a dog causes an injury, the owner is liable, except in limited circumstances.

How to protect your legal rights after a dog bite

The law protects your right and the rights of your children to be safe from dog attack while on or off your property. Additionally, a dog owner has responsibilities when their dog causes injury. After a dog attack, there are 3 general directions to follow:

  • Report the incident to the authorities responsible for animal control matters in your jurisdiction, such as the animal control department, humane society, dog warder or police department. Don’t assume the hospital report has anything to do with your right to be sure. The hospital reports for a different purpose: health statistics, not animal control enforcement.
  • Cooperate with animal control authorities and ask them to hold a “dangerous dog hearing.” This could lead to penalties being imposed on the owner of the dog and the dog itself.
  • Talk to a lawyer about the possibility of bringing a civil action against the owner of the dog. A claim will alert your insurance company and your owner (if applicable), and could also result in fines of some kind for you and his dog. More importantly, a claim may result in substantial compensation for you or your child, including not only past and future medical treatment, but also counseling if needed and additional money that could give you or your child, a good start. New.

However, to assert your rights, you must take the appropriate steps. A dog bite victim should do the following to protect their rights:

  • Identify the dog. In an extremely serious case, this could involve obtaining and analyzing a DNA sample, which would require the immediate intervention of a lawyer.
  • Obtain the name and address of the dog’s owner, if possible. If you can, get the dog’s license information.
  • Obtain the name, address and telephone number of any potential witnesses. You may need to return to the scene of the accident and knock on the doors of nearby homes and businesses. You should also revisit the scene of the accident several times around the same time the accident happened, as people may be used to going to the same places as part of their daily routine.
  • Take pictures of all your cuts, bruises, and bloody clothing. (See Photography in Dog Bite Cases.) If possible, get the dog’s owner’s insurance information. (See How to find out if the other person is insured.)
  • Get your lawyer started while the facts are fresh! The facts of your claim must be proven; the extent of your injuries must be established. As obvious as the facts and injuries may be to you, they won’t be to an adjuster sitting at a desk in an office building weeks or months after the attack. Also, doctors are more interested in curing you than in proving the nature and extent of your injuries to an insurance company, so the proper documents should be requested from them at the appropriate time. Your lawyer will obtain the necessary evidence and monitor your medical treatment so that the adjuster understands exactly what happened and gives you an appropriate amount of money, if possible.
  • Please retain your attorney before participating in any proceedings involving the dog! The laws of most cities, counties and states allow local authorities to determine if a dog is dangerous and, if so, the dog’s fate. This is often called “dangerous dog’s hearing,” but it goes by other names as well. Because “dog court” proceedings can unintentionally compromise a victim’s rights, she should not contact animal control authorities until her attorney has reviewed city and county ordinances. obtained the Department’s commitment to the laws and procedures that will follow and that it is confident that the issues discussed below will be resolved. be resolved fairly. If the victim receives a subpoena, their testimony is required, so it is all the more important to consult a lawyer immediately, because a subpoena must be obeyed to the letter. (See Do Dog Bite Victims Need a Lawyer for “Dog Court”).

The victim should never do the following:

  • Don’t sign anything! Yes, you can usually sign hospital admission documents (as long as you weren’t bitten in the hospital itself). However, do not sign anything presented by an insurance company, the dog’s owner, or the owner or other owner of the property where the attack occurred. Do not write or post for an insurance company, dog owner, landlord or other owner.
  • Do not hesitate to consult a lawyer! There are laws called “limitation periods”. They say you lose all your rights unless you file a lawsuit within a certain time after suffering a bodily injury. Therefore, call a lawyer as soon as possible. (See Attention to the limitation period!)

Final words: How to protect your legal rights after a dog bite

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