I’m a lawyer – these legal secrets could save you your next parking ticket


A LAWYER has claimed he has three tips for getting people out of a parking ticket.

Legal expert Mike Mandell says you can avoid being penalized, but it depends on whether you have enough evidence.


Lawyer Mike Mandell says he has tips for avoiding parking finesCredit: TikTok / lawbymike
He said there are ways to provide evidence against a ticket


He said there are ways to provide evidence against an ‘illegal’ ticketCredit: TikTok / lawbymike

In a TikTok clip, he told viewers things could be ugly if you constantly ignore an impending parking fine.

Not only will your fine increase, but you could receive a suspended license and even end up in jail.

However, in the event that you have been wrongly accused, there are certain options available to you.

First, Mike suggests gathering evidence, including taking a photo of where you parked.

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“If you didn’t break the rules and still got a ticket, the photo will back you up,” he said.

Second, Mike suggests checking for errors in case the authorities got some of your information wrong.

“It makes their case weaker,” he said, noting that it gives defendants a better chance of winning.

Third, appreciating it might sound scary, he says you might have to “swallow it and go to court.”

“Just go to court, even if you don’t have evidence,” he said. “Sometimes the cop doesn’t show up and that usually means you win.”

Meanwhile, another lawyer, known as Angela, thinks she has universal advice for those arrested.

In a TikTok clip, she said, “There is a window of time between your arrest and the filing of charges by the prosecutor.

“This is where rich people with good lawyers have a huge head start.”

Angela claimed: “A good lawyer can potentially broker a deal for you even before charges are filed.

“Maybe even convince the prosecutor not to press charges. Public defenders can be amazing.

She urged those arrested to speak to a lawyer as soon as possible.


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