JMW Law Firm Achieves Record Six-Month Performance



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Law firm JMW has revealed a 36% increase in its half-year revenue following a record performance despite the impact of the pandemic.

The Manchester-based company also saw a similar increase in profits in the six-month period ended October 31.

This follows a 12% increase in revenue in the fiscal year ended April 2021.

The firm now employs over 600 people in its two offices in Manchester, London, and has a small satellite family law firm in Liverpool.

Revenue from May to October 2021 reached £ 32.5million, an increase of £ 8.5million from October 2020.

The company is now on track to surpass its 2021/22 target of £ 61million and is expected to reach £ 65million in revenue.

The London office, which opened in May 2019, expects to hit £ 15million in fees while Manchester’s revenue is expected to reach £ 50million based on half-year performance.

The two offices cover most legal disciplines, and nowhere has the strengths of the departments working together been greater than the family law department.

Manchester and Liverpool have 49 team members while London has 14.

JMW’s family squad saw an impressive 32% increase and are expected to charge over £ 8million.

Other departments that have also seen impressive increases in fee income include; Court of Protection 148% (following the arrival of the Linder Myers CoP team in September 2020), Real Estate Finance 90%, Corporate 69%, Real Estate Residential 65%, Restructuring & Insolvency 63% and Real Estate Commercial 33% .

Three family law partners; Beverley Jones, Elspeth Kinder and Michael Chapman were promoted to Equity Partner in May 2021 along with Steve Morris (Commercial Litigation), Thomas Pearson (Real Estate Commercial), Lee Adams (Head of London) and Anita Rai (Employment, London).

JMW continues to recruit intensively with a number of lateral hires across all departments over the past 12 months.

As of May 2021, there have been 43 promotions across all levels, departments and offices including the 7 equity level promotions as above.

Joy Kingsley

Joy Kingsley, Senior Partner at JMW said: “Our six month financial results show that our strategy of providing full service to our customers and continuing to hire laterally those people who want to bring their customers to JMW, has been very. fruitful. for us.

“We have experienced substantial growth over the past few years and the success we continue to experience is achieved through the hard work of all of our partners and staff.

“The pandemic has been a difficult time for everyone, but after a good year last year despite the early problems, this semester has been even better than expected. We have welcomed our staff back to our offices and they are now working under an agreed hybrid model. “

JMW was recently ranked 70th by income in The Lawyer Top 100, rising from 74th and in May to 50th of the best large companies to work for in 2021 and 4th to work for in the legal industry.


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