Johnny Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez opens up about his new status


Life has definitely changed for Johnny Depp and Amber Heard since their high-profile defamation lawsuit ended, but the Pirates of the Caribbean star’s lawyer, Camille Vasquez, became an overnight celebrity.

Vasquez, who represents Depp, recently opened up to stardom. In a chat with the Beverly Hills Bar Association, the attorney admitted, “I feel like there are parts of my life now that I have a responsibility to share with fans or people. , especially the young women who have come forward.”

She added, “Thank you for being an inspiration. For getting me through a tough time. Or pushing me back to school.” I feel a huge responsibility to them to continue to do a good job and to be an inspiration to them.”

Johnny Depps' lawyer Camille Vasquez opens up about his new status

It seems Depp’s attorney isn’t really focused on being a celebrity, but rather on being a positive role model.

During the same interview, the lawyer went on to say that despite the number of changes she is going through in her daily life, there are a number of things that have not changed: “I mean I’m obviously very close to my family. I like to do legal work, good legal work. I enjoy working with my colleagues, especially Ben [Chew]obviously.”

Vasquez also responded to rumors of a romance between her and Depp, calling them both “sexist” and “disappointing.”

Camille Vasquez will remain in the spotlight as Amber Heard doesn’t seem to be keeping quiet and has switched legal teams for the upcoming legal battle with Depp and his attorneys.


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