Law Firm Founder Conversations Podcast: Alex Mcpherson, Founder & Partner, Ignition Law


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In this episode of our Conversations with the founders of a law firm podcast series, our managing partner Claire Murray discusses all things law firm founder with Alex McPhersonFounder and Partner of ignition lawincluding:

  • What are the qualities required for a successful law firm founder?
  • Maintain energy and enthusiasm as a founder during startup and beyond
  • The importance of technology and the role it can play in a founder-led business
  • Tips for software and apps to improve efficiency, especially when you have to get by in the first year
  • What does success look like beyond financial measures?
  • Being a Founder vs. Partner in a Large Law Firm: The Ups and Downs
  • Build resilience to weather the inevitable storms along the way
  • Accept your mistakes as a founder and learn from your failures
  • The benefits that a joint venture or strategic alliance can bring, and
  • Advice for those considering starting their own business or in the early stages.

Alex McPherson installation ignition law in 2015. Advisors for Growth, ignition law providing expert legal and business advice to start-ups and scale-ups, helping clients navigate their entrepreneurial journey. From the beginning, their mission was to serve entrepreneurial clients, while creating a flexible, extremely fulfilling and caring workplace.

Since its launch, the firm and alexander have won a multitude of awards, including “Managing Partner of the Year’ at the Modern Law Awards, ‘Law Firm Culture and Diversity and Inclusion Awards to SME News 2022 and “High Growth Company of the Year” at the Federation of Small Business Awards 2022, in addition to being selected as finalists for many others.


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