Law firm is suing Ghislaine Maxwell, claiming he owes $878,000 for her defense | Ghislaine Maxwell


A law firm that helped defend Ghislaine Maxwell, the socialite convicted of helping financier Jeffrey Epstein sexually abuse underage girls, is suing her, her brother and her husband, claiming he has no never been paid more than $878,000 for his work.

Denver-based Haddon, Morgan and Foreman alleged in a lawsuit filed Monday that Maxwell instructed his brother Kevin Maxwell to pay his legal fees after his 2020 arrest, but only paid a fraction what they had charged before and during his trial. Kevin Maxwell urged the company to continue working on appeal issues after it was convicted despite unpaid bills and accused Maxwell’s husband Scott Borgerson of withholding payments, according to the lawsuit. in Denver.

The lawsuit alleges that Borgerson formed an LLC to purchase real estate to protect his wife’s assets from creditors.

Two lawyers from the law firm – Laura Menninger and Jeffrey Pagliuca – were part of Maxwell’s legal team during his trial in New York.

Maxwell was convicted in December of sex trafficking, transporting a minor to participate in unlawful sex acts and two conspiracy charges. She was sentenced in June to 20 years in prison and is serving time at FCI Tallahassee, a low-security federal prison in Florida’s capital.

Emails and phone messages left with two of Maxwell’s defense attorneys, Christian Everdell and Bobbi Sternheim, were not returned. Calls to phone numbers listed for Borgerson were not returned. Kevin Maxwell could not immediately be located for comment. In an email, her brother Ian Maxwell said no one in the family, including Ghislaine, would comment on the dispute.

According to the lawsuit, Haddon, Morgan and Foreman — a firm founded by former public defenders that has represented other high-profile clients, including Kobe Bryant and John Ramsey, JonBenet Ramsey’s father, began representing Maxwell in a lawsuit filed in 2015 by Virginia. Giuffré.

In lawsuits, Giuffre claimed that from the age of 17, Epstein and Maxwell arranged sexual encounters with royalty, politicians, businessmen and other wealthy and powerful men. , including Britain’s Prince Andrew. Andrew strenuously denied the allegations and agreed to settle the lawsuit against him earlier this year.


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