Law Firm’s Annual Toy for Joy Donation Honors Beloved Colleague


Robin Morris died over 20 years ago, but when Jean Fillion remembers her colleague, she finds it hard to believe it has been so long.

“Robin was a longtime employee who left behind two young children. She left us too early and too young. This annual donation is our way of recognizing and honoring children, ”said Fillion, manager of the Springfield law firm of Doherty, Wallace, Pillsbury & Murphy.

The company made its annual Morris Memorial donation to the Toy for Joy campaign this week. This year’s generous contribution of $ 1,250 brought the campaign closer to its goal of $ 150,000 for Christmas Eve.

Still in her thirties, Morris died of cancer in 2000. She had been a much respected paralegal and paralegal and still misses her, all these years later.

Over the years, the law firm has paid approximately $ 50,000 to Toy for Joy on behalf of Morris.

“It’s amazing, but we are proud to make the donation,” Fillion said. “She was a much appreciated colleague. His death was a tragedy and a loss.

Each year, the company receives a thank you note from the Morris family, saying how much keeping his memory means to them, Fillion said.

A Christmas lunch and an auction are part of the law firm’s traditional festivities. The risks of COVID-19 caused the company to forgo this aspect this year, but the donation was made as always.

Toy for Joy has become a treasured way for families and individuals to remember loved ones in meaningful ways. State Representative Bud L. Williams, D-Springfield, continued his family’s growing tradition of donating with a $ 200 gift in memory of his deceased son.

The Williams family had anonymously donated to Toy for Joy for years. In 2020, the gift was dedicated to Kamari Williams, a high school science and technology basketball coach who died suddenly at the age of 36 in April 2020.

For Williams and his wife Gloria, Toy for Joy has special meaning because in their youth each was a member of large families and each benefited from Toy for Joy’s bounty, the lawmaker said.

Toy for Joy is in its 99th year of providing toys and books to children in Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties who would otherwise be denied the joy of receiving Christmas presents for reasons beyond their control. The campaign is a collaborative effort of The Salvation Army with The Republican, El Pueblo Latino and MassLive, as well as media partners of Reminders Publishing and The Westfield News.

Pride Stores and Hampden County Sheriff Nicholas J. Cocchi are among the community partners supporting this year’s effort. This is the third year that Cocchi has participated in the holiday campaign, while Pride Stores has mobilized its customers to support the effort for many years.

The donations, which are featured daily in The Republican and on MassLive, are used directly to cover the costs of toys and books for children.

Each child receives one book, one toy, and one game or play-type toy. Donations can be mailed with the attached coupon to The Republican, 1860 Main St., Springfield, MA 01103, or made online at

Contributions can be mailed with this coupon to The Republican, 1860 Main St., Springfield, MA, 01103.

Here is the last list of contributions:

In memory of Kamari B. Williams of State Representative Bud L. and Gloria Williams $ 200

No child should go without toys at Christmas $ 100

In memory of our mom, Janice Eldridge $ 100

In memory of my parents, the Reverend Peter and Katherine Katopis, who illustrated the act of giving not only on Christmas but every day of the year for Stella Muzyka $ 50

Sandra $ 50.

Merry Christmas from Judy $ 25

$ 50

In memory of Jacqueline Pyzik $ 50

In memory of John and Billy O’Donnell $ 25.

From all our grandchildren of Dennis and Linda $ 40

In memory of Sue Ryan, a very generous person of Cindy K. $ 15

Merry Christmas from Lisa $ 50

In memory of Betty and Whitey Erickson of the Ball, Fauth, Dewar and Stone families $ 100

In memory of Michael, Ryk, Jay and Regina $ 100

In memory of Amy Lincoln $ 50

Merry Christmas to all the little ones $ 100

For Sparky, Grace, John and Ceil $ 50

Claire $ 36

In memory of Theresa D., age 39 on December 28 $ 39

In loving memory of Anne and Ed “Joe” Warren $ 100

In loving memory of our parents Pat and Gary K. $ 50

Merry Christmas from Steve and Mary $ 25

In loving memory of Max and William who were killed in action in Italy, May 1944 $ 25

Gerard $ 30

Merry Christmas from Shatswell MacLeod and Co. $ 625

Anonymous $ 100

Nancy $ 20

Anonymous $ 100

In memory of Raymond C. Kotfila and Brianna C. Donovan $ 100

In honor of Ivy, Autumn, EJ, Mac and Coco Cardoza $ 50

Merry Christmas from St. Patrick’s Church Springfield Class CCD Grade 3 $ 65

In Memory of Mum, Dad and Suzy de Ray $ 100

Happy Holidays $ 25

A Safe and Happy Holiday Season for Dean and Linda $ 50

In Memory of May Anderson $ 25

In loving memory of my brother Marty Jauch $ 20

In loving memory of my son, Paul Robert Banks $ 25

Happy Holidays from Marc $ 100

In memory of Alyssa Sheehan Huntley $ 50

In loving memory of Grampy and Grammy’s granddaughter Oliva Ross $ 50

For children $ 20

Merry Christmas from Baja $ 50

Merry Christmas from Jean and Paul $ 40

Merry Christmas to all the children of Salle, Delaney, Jared and Logan $ 100

In memory of Kevin and Glenn. Love, Mom and Dad $ 100

In loving memory of Tom Gaudrault by his family and friends $ 500

In loving memory of my favorite sister Alice Polastry $ 100

Best wishes to the family and friends who lost that special someone in 2021, SW and KW $ 25

In memory of Vincenzo and Olichelina Minniti $ 25

In memory of the deceased of the Schiavone and Polimeni families $ 25

Merry Christmas $ 15

Anonymous $ 1,000

In memory of mom, dad and brother of Todd Cheika $ 500

In loving memory of Gladys and Bernie, Kent and Jean and Gladys. I miss you $ 50

In memory of my father, the great man of Ballydavid, and my mother, the lady of Moorstown, Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland $ 10

In memory of Fiore “Butch” Grimaldi and his grandson James A. Grimaldi Jr. $ 20

In memory of John Stanley Kurtyka $ 10

In memory of Annie and Elmer W. Porter Sr. $ 100

In memory of Phyllis and George W. Malone Jr. $ 100

Richard and Michelle Hicks $ 200

Happy Holidays from E. Cecchi Farms $ 200

From Tristin, MayRose, Justin Jr. and Jackson $ 200

For peace and joy in our hearts Ann, Dave and John $ 250

Merry Christmas from Dr Mitera, Dr Young and Dr Roberts from Ludlow Family Dentistry $ 700

God bless America and all of our veterans and military personnel at Gallerani Electric Co., Inc. $ 150

In memory of our friend and colleague Robin Morris of Doherty Wallace Pillsbury and Murphy PC $ 1,250

A very, very merry Christmas to all $ 5

In memory of Betty and Frank Brown $ 40

In Memory of Miriam and Ken Ralph $ 40

In Sweet Memory Muffin $ 10

Blessed are the children, Santa’s helpers at Southgate Liquors, Geissler’s Market, Stop & Shop, Korvek’s Automotive, Buck Hill Farm, Connecticut, Agawam Town Hall and the nice people of Feeding Hills as we remember Roger Leclerc, Agawam Brownies, Chicago Bears and Renso Gourmet Fridge Icon $ 400

Received $ 9,200

Total to date $ 131,165

Still need $ 18,835

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