Lawyer says Erika Jayne’s lifestyle hasn’t changed


Jay Edelson, the lawyer involved in the Tom Girardi case, says Erika Jayne’s lifestyle hasn’t changed since her legal troubles began last year.

Jay Edelson, the lawyer involved in the Tom Girardi case, believes Erika Jayne of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills his lifestyle has not changed since his legal problems. Last year, Erika’s life changed completely after she left and filed for divorce from her husband for over 20 years. A month after his filing, Tom was accused of embezzling more than $ 2 million in client funds intended for victims of a plane crash in 2018.

Shortly after his first charge, a Los Angeles Times The brief was published claiming the plane crash victims were Tom’s first attempt to defraud his client’s money. In fact, the now disgraced lawyer has been involved in the theft of his client’s money for at least ten years. While Erika blamed her indiscretions on Tom’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, it seems viewers and the opposing legal team aren’t buying her story.

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During an interview on the podcast The reality of life with Kate CaseyJay told the podcast host he believed the reality star still lived the lavish lifestyle she had before he left Tom, who is said to have secret bank accounts. “I mean there are reports that she earns up to $ 600,000 for the [Real Housewives of Beverly Hills] season“The lawyer confessed in Wednesday’s new podcast episode.”And she got her glam team and, you know, we all have to cry with her. “Jay was commenting on Erika’s rental in Hancock Park and how she refers to a $ 10,000-a-month house like”he slams. “He called his words”offensive“and doubts one of them RHOBH fans can afford a house like his, not to mention having a glamorous team on call. The lawyer also mentioned how Erika, whose Season 11 salary leaked, had homes in her name that she didn’t even know she had.

All this stuff [she said of], ‘Oh, I have these houses that I never even heard of. Let me Google where they are. It’s all so deafJay added.His character […] “I have tons of money and I don’t give an F.” […] It makes great reality TV. But it stops the second you steal money from widows and orphans.Jay explained how the reality TV star should have changed her character once she found out about Tom’s legal drama. He thinks she should have done something positive for the victims rather than continuing this charter callous that she portrays on screen. Jay even suggested for Erika to pursue a settlement in the lawsuit, start a fundraiser and pay the $ 2 million she owes the crash victims Although the season did not go the way Erika wanted, Jay said it would certainly help her case in the ongoing trial.

Even though Erika’s lifestyle changed after leaving Tom, she still leads a privileged life that few can afford. She still owns an expensive car, clothes, designer bags, and a $ 10,000-a-month house in an upscale neighborhood of Los Angeles. Maybe she can’t afford what she had before, Erika is doing very well on her own.

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Source: The reality of life with Kate Casey

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