Lawyer Suits Lawsuit on Behalf of More than 1,500 Additional Astroworld Participants, Claims $ 10 Billion in Damages


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By Chris Cooke | Posted on Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Texas-based attorney Brent Coon announced he has filed a lawsuit on behalf of more than 1,500 Astroworld attendees, which has more than doubled the number of people who are currently taking legal action against the organizers. of the Travis Scott Festival. As an opening bet, Coon is demanding $ 10 billion in damages.

Ten people died and hundreds more were injured when a crowd surge during Scott’s headline at the Houston festival on November 5. A criminal investigation is underway to determine what led to the crowd surge and whether a wrong decision was made before or during the festival. contributed to the deaths and injuries.

A pile of litigation has also been filed in connection with the tragedy. Last week, the process began to consolidate and coordinate pre-trial proceedings regarding the more than 275 lawsuits that had been filed so far, which together involve more than 1,250 plaintiffs. A legal record has confirmed that plaintiffs and defendants support “the consolidation of cases before Judge Lauren Reeder in the 234th Harris County District Court.”

Coon’s announcement dramatically increases the number of festival-goers now involved in litigation. Among the thousands of people who are now suing the families of the ten who have died, hundreds of participants who suffered physical injuries in the influx of crowds, and many more who will claim that the incident caused them harm. emotional distress.

A statement from the Coon law firm earlier this week said it “represents 1,547 spectators, more than any other firm involved in the case to date.” The lawyer, the statement added, “made a written request for $ 10 billion for the resolution of all cases.”

Commenting on the litigation, Coon said, “In addition to pleading high profile mass tragedies all over the county for the past 35 years, I have also been running a concert promotion company for over 20 years and know full well how. you are supposed to plan these events. What happened at Astroworld was an unacceptable tragedy and it is important that justice be served for all those affected ”.

Alluding to the fact that Scott’s performance continued for more than 30 minutes after police reported a mass casualty event to Astroworld, Coon added, “Anyone associated with these types of events has the power to stop conduct that injures participants. It has been terribly disappointing that some defendants have already gone public by distorting and downplaying their responsibilities in relation to events like this. Anyone involved can at least temporarily stop an event when safety becomes a serious issue ”.

“The fact that no company or person involved in this incident ever made an effort to do it here, when it was obvious that things were out of control, is shameful,” he continued. “Trying to publicly dodge the guilt is irresponsible and inconsistent with what is really going on behind the scenes of these events. I know. I executed them and had to stop one, and I did it before anyone else. ‘one doesn’t get hurt, that’s part of the job.

In addition to the lawsuits, Coon’s cabinet said it will also campaign for new rules to better regulate large-scale events, in an effort to ensure that nothing like the Astroworld tragedy can happen again. . This will include a proposed “piece of legislation” that would require “crowd control planners to certify events, mandatory training programs for event preparation and criminal liability for any wrongdoing.”

Most of the lawsuits against Astroworld include both Scott and the festival’s promoters – Live Nation and its Scoremore affiliate – as defendants. Some are also targeting the NRG Park site and the companies that own and operate it, Harris County Sports And Convention Corporation and ASM, respectively; Apple, which was broadcasting the festival live; and Drake, who made an appearance while filming Scott.

Scott and Live Nation have both started to formally respond to some of the lawsuits. The first tries to be dismissed as a defendant on the grounds that he is not legally responsible for the conduct of his festival. Live Nation is not asking for the litigation to be dismissed, but denies all of the allegations made against it, most of which rest on the argument that careless planning and management on the ground led to the tragedy.

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