Lawyers in charge of telephone banks to give free legal advice in Montreal



MONTREAL – Young lawyers are at work this weekend, occupying phone lines to answer calls from the public seeking legal advice.

The 36th Telephone Legal Clinic of the Young Bar Association of Montreal (JBM) opened its lines Saturday and Sunday for citizens who wish to obtain free legal advice on a variety of subjects.

According to the JBM, these clinics solve many problems while unblocking the legal system.

When citizens call, they express their questions and are directed to a lawyer specializing in this area.

“About a hundred lawyers from different branches of law are participating, including many young people, but also others with more experience,” said JBM president Mylène Lemieux.

Lemieux pointed out that the process is confidential; only the first name and telephone number of the caller can sometimes be requested in the event of a line cut.

“A lot of times people who call us, it’s a first contact with a lawyer, so it’s very rewarding to be able to direct, give legal advice to someone who is calling a lawyer for the first time,” Lemieux said.

Since 2016, the clinic has received an average of 2,000 calls per clinic.

Citizens wishing to obtain advice are invited to come to 1-844-779-6232.

– This Canadian Press report was first published on April 25, 2021.



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