Legal advice with William Sink


Lawyer William Fenton Sink joined John Veneri in the Living808 lounge with legal advice for viewers of the show. Random and quick fire questions.

What can be done against armed violence?

“OPERA – Anyone who sells, manufactures or supplies a firearm is subject to civil liability for any criminal damage caused by anyone the firearm injures.

What is unfair dismissal?

“Wrongful dismissal is when an employer violates the law and terminates an employee because the employee has reported, the employer has violated public order, or the employer has violated civil rights law, dismissal is illegal.”

What is sexual harassment?

“Sexual harassment is any unwanted sexual behavior, creating a sexually hostile work environment, affecting or conditioning employment on the employee having a sexual relationship with the employer.”

What is a hostile work environment?

“A hostile work environment is a serious condition in the workplace where an employer discriminates on the basis of race, creed, sex, marital status, pregnancy, color, national origin or other protected classes.”

What does denunciation mean?

“An employee is liable to reprisals against an employee who denounces the illegal actions of the employer. An example is the following: a bank teller discovers that the bank manager is embezzling money at the bank and reports the crime to the FBI. The bank teller would be protected for reporting this illegal activity. “

What is a breach of public order?

“A breach of public policy in employment occurs when the employee suffers retaliation for refusing to violate the law. The classic case is Parnar v. Americana Hotels.

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