Lektou Law Firm and the Catholic University of Lisbon co-organize an advanced sports betting course


As part of its partnership with the Faculty of Law of the Portuguese Catholic University of Lisbon, the law firm Rato, Ling, Lei & Cortés – Advogados (Lektou) will help coordinate an advanced course on sports betting.

“The Advanced Sports Betting Course is part of the partnership we have with Católica | Lisbon School of Law and intends to innovate and provide knowledge focused on a rapidly expanding industry on a global scale. To my knowledge, there is no other course with these characteristics in a European university,” Pedro Cortés, course coordinator and Lektou partner, told the Macau News Agency.

“Therefore, we will have students from Europe, as well as students from Brazil – hopefully also from Macau – students eager to learn more about the specifics that regulate the industry.”

The advanced course will take place between April 5 and May 19 this year on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

According to the lawyer, the diploma will invite “high-level speakers and lecturers” from the field of sports betting, including Professor Anthony Cabot of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and the former president of the Nevada Gaming Control Board , Professor Becky Harris. .

Current industry regulators and key C-Suite executives in the sports betting industry such as Entain and Sportradar, or ancillary businesses, such as sports data, will also be invited to speak as part of of the course, which will be held in English.

“We had no fears in deciding to run a course in English, but as the lingua franca of this globalized industry, that shouldn’t be a problem,” added Cortés.

The course will focus on the various structures, laws and regulations of the sports betting industry – with particular emphasis on Europe and the USA – and will target gaming executives, lawyers, judges, consultants and other professionals or agents who practice or wish to practice. in the sports betting industry.

Applicants must hold an undergraduate degree in law. Special conditions are available for alumni, members of the Portuguese Bar and the Brazilian Bar.

The global sports betting market size was valued at US$66.9 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 10.1% from 2021 to 2028.

In Portugal alone, gross online gaming revenue for the first six months of 2021 amounted to €253.3 million – of which €137 million was generated by sports betting compared to €116 million euros by land-based casinos.

Lektou established a partnership with the Faculty of Law of the Portuguese Catholic University in 2018, which included collaboration in the teaching of undergraduate courses and seminars, internship programs, social scholarships, excellence awards , dissemination of academic programs, specialized professional training courses in legal fields and promotion. seminars and conferences of a legal nature.

“In addition to this advanced course, our office has been involved for some academic years in the Macao SAR Law Chairs (1st semester) and gaming law (2n/a semester) as part of the school’s undergraduate program. Difficult, of course, vis-à-vis jet lag, but we believe that our involvement is a duty of corporate social responsibility,” Cortés added.


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