Matt Gaetz campaign hires lawyer for Jeffrey Epstein in Justice Department investigation, allegations report



The campaign for Matt Gaetz would have hired the defense lawyer of the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Drug lord ‘El Chapo‘, and leader of the sex sect Nxivm Keith Raniere as part of an investigation by the Ministry of Justice.

Quoting a “person familiar with the subject”, The daily beast reports that Marc Fernich is representing the campaign in connection with the investigation into the Republican congressman, which allegedly includes sex trafficking, prostitution, obstruction of justice and campaign finance issues.

Friends of Matt Gaetz paid Marc Fernich’s law firm $ 25,000 in June, according to FEC deposits.

Mr. Gaetz has repeatedly and vigorously denied any allegation of wrongdoing since The New York Times first reported on March 31 that the US Department of Justice was investigating allegations of sexual misconduct.

No charges have been laid against Mr Gaetz, who says the allegations are part of a $ 25 million plot to extort his family.

In August, Florida developer Stephen Alford was indicted on charges of an alleged $ 25 million conspiracy to extort Mr. Gaetz’s father in exchange for a presidential pardon that would shut down the DOJ’s investigation into the congressman.

While the hiring of Mr. Fernich for “legal counsel” was first revealed by The Washington Post in July, The Daily Beast is the first to report that the $ 25,000 in legal fees “relate” to the DOJ investigation.

Mr. Fernich specializes in “the subtle, innovative and creative arguments that other lawyers may miss,” according to his website.

“These arguments can make potential winners seemingly hopeless cases, making the difference between victory and defeat,” he says.

Among these seemingly hopeless cases, Fernich cites former Mafia boss John A “Junior” Gotti as his most notable, followed by “El Chapo” Joaquin Guzman Loero and Epstein.

“Friends of Matt Gaetz” is listed just after Epstein and before Raniere, who was sentenced to 160 years in prison for sex trafficking and other crimes.

Gotti, son of so-called “Teflon Don” gangster John J Gotti, was investigated in several racketeering cases before prosecutors said they would no longer prosecute them. El Chapo was sentenced to life, plus 30 years, and Epstein died in prison awaiting trial.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s investigation into Mr Gaetz seeks to find out whether the congressman paid women, including a 17-year-old, in exchange for sex, according to The New York Times.

A lawyer familiar with the investigation said The daily beast that Mr. Gaetz’s defense team exemplify the seriousness and scope of the investigation, which would include the DOJ’s Public Integrity Unit.

Neither Mr. Fernich nor Mr. Gatez’s offices responded to The independents request for comments at time of publication.

A spokesperson for Mr Gaetz told the To post in July that their FEC files “speak for themselves”.

“Despite an endless stream of lies from the media, Congressman Gaetz continues to be one of Congress’ most prodigious fundraisers and is the only Republican who does not accept donations from federal lobbyists or CAPs. He thanks his tens of thousands of donors and promises to always fight for them, ”said the spokesperson.


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