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According to McKiggan Hebert Lawyers, in cases of sexual abuse and assault, the burden of proof is on the complainant or survivor, aka the victim. The victim must establish beyond a reasonable doubt that he was assaulted.

A series of sexual abuse allegations have tarnished Hockey Canada’s otherwise impeccable reputation. Claims date back to the late 1980s and include some of the sport’s most decorated names. personal injury the victims claim to have been assaulted and sexually abused. While Hockey Canada was quick to cover the whole thing with millions of dollars in compensation, these allegations aren’t going away as new ones continue to surface implicating everyone from coaches to junior players.

According to McKiggan Hebert Lawyers, in civil suits like these, the abuse survivor, also known as the “plaintiff,” bears the burden of proof; in other words, they must prove their responsibility. The plaintiff must satisfy the court that the assault took place and that the victim was injured.

The job of a law firm or sexual abuse lawyer, such as McKiggan Hebert Lawyers, is to prepare the case by gathering all the necessary evidence, such as emails, text messages and statements. of aggressor. The collected evidence is then used as evidence against the attacker. Other pieces of information, such as therapy records, medical records, and school records, may also be used by the attorney to establish the impact of the assault.

In the case of Hockey Canada, it is not only the aggressor who is held responsible, but also Hockey Canada. According to recent allegations, Hockey Canada hosted the World Junior Hockey Championships. According to the victims, Hockey Canada was well aware of the sexual assaults involving its 2018 team members.

Although hockey remains an obsession for many Canadians, this obsession has produced a large number of young hockey players dreaming of one day playing in the NHL, exposing them (the players) to a multitude of legal risks. Many victims of sexual abuse are still represented by leading lawyers such as McKiggan Hebert Lawyers. They claim much of it could have been avoided had Hockey Canada recognized the situation early on, acknowledged it and taken action against those involved.

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TSN reported in May 2022 that Hockey Canada paid more than $3 million to settle a lawsuit brought by a woman who claimed she was sexually assaulted in 2018 by eight players on the junior hockey team. In the report, Hockey Canada admitted to paying the woman with money from a fund created from the registration fees of hockey players, including those of children. The fund has paid out more than seven million Canadian dollars to resolve nine cases, some dating back to 1989.

Additionally, a good number of junior players were convicted of sexual misconduct but were spared jail time and later signed with the National Hockey League. The cases also include Graham James, a hockey coach and The Hockey News ‘Man of the Year’ in 1989, who received two convictions.

“Since the burden of proof is on the complainant, it is imperative that those who have suffered a sexual assault speak with an experienced lawyer. A lawyer who is used to winning such cases. Over the years we have worked with several victims of sexual assault in Canada and we can say from experience that only a well-prepared case, with solid evidence, has a chance in court,” said one of the lawyers. working for McKiggan Hebert Lawyers.

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