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Austin, TX- Accident victims who have suffered injury or loss due to another person’s negligence can now go against the major insurance companies with Mike Massey Law on their side. The law firm’s personal injury attorneys have a proven track record of successfully representing clients in all manner of personal injury cases. Ranked among the top personal injury attorneys in Austin, TX, they encourage accident victims to come forward and demand what they are owed in damages from insurance companies and liable parties.

Mike Massey Law makes the process easier for accident victims by providing flexible and compassionate legal assistance. Accident victims can contact the accident lawyers by telephone to take advantage of a free telephone consultation during which they can discuss their accident case, ask questions and seek legal advice to find out if they have a claim to pursue. Mike Massey Law attorneys ensure that accident victims receive honest advice at the no-obligation counseling meeting. Accident victims who choose them can also benefit from low contingency fees that save them from upfront legal costs until the case is won and compensation is awarded.

Having helped over 1,000 families in Austin, TX and surrounding areas, Mike Massey Law and his attorneys are confident they can help. The Austin Personal Injury Lawyer is committed to protecting the client’s interests at all times, whether during negotiations or trial.

“Not every law firm has the experience to handle a personal injury case. Personal injury cases can be complex. Whether it’s collecting evidence, investigating, completing important paperwork, dealing with the insurance company on the other side of your case, and much more, a personal injury lawsuit can become overwhelming to manage. However, with years of combined experience, our personal injury lawyers can do whatever it takes to get you the results you deserve,” says Mike Massey of the law firm.

In addition to their commitment to injury victims, the law firm is also committed to the family as a unit. Their estate planning attorney helps clients plan for the future of themselves and their loved ones using proven strategies that match the client’s interests and preferences. With them, estate planning is not a one-time thing, but they revise the plan at regular intervals to reflect the client’s new financial or family situation.

Mike Massey Law is pleased to serve residents of Austin, TX and surrounding areas. Their office is located at 8911 N Capital of Texas Hwy #3210, Austin, Texas 78759 USA, and they can be reached by phone at (888) 407-2407. For more information, visit their website.

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