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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Due to their age, physical conditions or special disabilities, nursing home residents have difficulty caring for themselves or making independent decisions. Mental and physical limitations make them dependent on carers, nurses or home helpers to perform routine care or offer medical care. While most providers respectfully care for the elderly, nursing home residents still experience abuse and neglect, which hurts them. National Nursing Home Lawyers is dedicated to fighting for victims by offering personalized legal support and targeted attention.

The law firm includes a team of experienced elder law attorneys who pursue lawsuits for nursing home negligence, elder abuse and wrongful death. Lawyers handle cases of dehydration and malnutrition, especially for victims with memory loss or other physical illnesses. The team holds providers accountable for not reminding/encouraging consumption of food, water, supplements or vitamins to maintain regular weight/measurements.

In addition to food and fluid intake, National Nursing Home Advocates represent nursing home residents vulnerable to skin, respiratory and urinary tract infections. They understand that treatable infections lead to sepsis, organ failure, shock, and death. For this reason, they conduct in-depth investigations or dispute the medical results. Nursing home residents rely on prescription drugs for their health and well-being. While some medications require ongoing lab testing to verify proper dosage, others have side effects that need to be monitored. The Philadelphia Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer supports claims of prescription errors that resulted in blood thinning, additional medical attention, and physical/mental injury.

When providers are slow to respond to a resident’s needs, it can lead to a broken hip, leg or skull from a fall. Even though nursing homes need systems/policies to minimize slips, trips, and falls, most providers don’t follow them, leading to life-threatening illnesses. In such a case, national nursing home attorneys review Pennsylvania healthcare facility codes before suing negligent providers or insurance companies. In addition, the law firm represents pressure ulcer victims who have difficulty turning over. Pressure sores are often a sign of abuse in nursing homes due to understaffing, inappropriate attention and infrequent shift changes.

Once contacted, National Care Home Lawyers conduct extensive consultations to listen to a victim’s needs and gather the information needed to file and pursue a claim. They then identify the correct defendants, review medical records/legal documents, prove negligence, employ the services of professional witnesses, and create a personalized legal strategy for settlement/trial. Throughout the process, lawyers communicate with victims/their families, address any concerns and provide an update on the case.

To educate and empower family members of nursing home residents, National Nursing Home Advocates have written insightful articles. They have topics that talk about occurrences of abuse in nursing homes, approaches to suing a nursing home, and many more.

To request a free case evaluation, call (215) 974-0882 or visit their website. The law office is located at 1700 Market St #1005, Philadelphia, PA, 19103, USA.

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