New lawyers welcomed into the profession during the admission ceremony


At the Indiana Supreme Court induction ceremony, Indiana Judge Steven David reminded new members of the legal profession that this was the day they had long been working towards.

“It all starts here, now, today,” David said. “For each of you, your career as a lawyer, your reputation as a lawyer, the legacy you will one day leave, it all starts here, now, today.”

David, along with his judicial colleagues from the Indiana Court of Appeals as well as the District Courts of Northern and Southern Indiana, congratulated and welcomed the 62 new attorneys admitted to the Indiana Bar. during the admission ceremony held on Tuesday.

Under the twinkling ceiling lights of the Indiana Roof ballroom in downtown Indianapolis, the new attorneys presented themselves to the bench, then took their oath to practice in the courts of the state of Indiana and the federal district courts in the state of Hoosier.

The members of the jury received advice and offered a little humor. Northern Indiana District Court Magistrate Judge Joshua Kolar told them that they “now have the privilege of being the recipients of lawyers’ jokes. Occasionally, there may even be some one that you find humorous.

Court of Appeal Chief Justice Cale Bradford advised new lawyers to always be professional and be prepared.

“People expect a lot from you when you’re a lawyer. And you will notice that you behave with an air of respectability. People will rely on you and you will have a good career in our profession,” Bradford said. “The good news is, however, that even though it may seem difficult at times, when so many people depend on you for so much, each of you has the capacity to live up to that trust that will be bestowed on you as long as you You will always strive to conduct yourself in a professional manner.And again, be prepared.

Telling new attorneys that the Southern Indiana District Court is the third-busiest district court in the nation, Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson echoed Bradford’s advice to prepare. She also quoted her legal hero, the late United States Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and encouraged each of the new attorneys to be “patient, persistent, and passionate.” If you do, I am confident you will have a successful and fulfilling career as a member of the bar.

In addition to giving life lessons to new lawyers, the judiciary also took the time to say goodbye to a few friends. Indiana Chief Justice Loretta Rush pointed out that David and Court of Appeals Judge Edward Najam Jr. were attending their final admissions ceremony.

David will leave the bench in the fall of 2022 and Najam will retire in the summer of 2022.

Additionally, Indiana University Maurer Law School Dean Austen Parrish, who was in attendance at the ceremony, will leave the Bloomington institution this summer to become Dean of the University’s Law School. from California to Irvine.

“Dean Parrish, what a wonderful job you did at IU Maurer,” Rush said. “We will miss you and thank you for your years of service.”

Introducing David, Rush said he has contributed not only to the legal profession, but also to the rule of law in Indiana.

“He wore a black robe for 26 years, he was a dear friend and he will be in the pantheon of Hoosier jurists who excelled,” Rush said of David. “History will shine its eyes on Judge Steven David.”

Characteristically, David used his comments to advise, encourage, and challenge new members of the Indiana legal community.

“You are a lawyer now, a licensed lawyer, but remember you are no better than anyone else,” David said. “Indeed, you have just taken an oath that imposes an enormous obligation, a great responsibility on each of you, but a wonderful opportunity. You are different, yes, but not better than anyone else. Seize it the opportunity you have won. Respect the profession. Honor your oath. Protect the rule of law.

The judge also read a creed he wrote in 2011. He told new lawyers he wanted a code that was “a little” simpler than the oath and would remind lawyers of the expectations society places on them.

In a few lines, David’s “The Lawyers Creed” is a clear summary of what it means to be a lawyer.

“Be the lawyer you want the rest of the world to see,” David advised new lawyers. “Better yet, be the person you want the rest of the world to see.”


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