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If you love to travel and particularly enjoy taking vacations and beautiful areas like the Finger Lakes, you need to make sure that you understand what the immigration requirements are for the people you hire who are foreign citizens or your personal travel. depending on your nationality. Professional immigration assistance means you can get great legal advice no matter what your problem is. You can get legal advice from immigration lawyers to help you with travel matters, changes in your relationship, or your job.

Initial advice

Whatever your situation, you can always turn to immigration lawyers for legal advice. There are many situations in which individuals may not know whether they are making the right decision or whether the document they are filling out is appropriate for their situation. Most of the online resources are very generic and only provide information on simple cut and dry or black and white situations.

For example, you might learn that travel visas are only valid for 90 days in the country you’re visiting, but can’t find any information about what happens if you exceed your stay.

In any of these situations, you can hire a lawyer not necessarily as a legal representative in court, but as a source of legal information and advice. They always act as your lawyer, which means you have privacy for anything you say, but instead of filling out forms for you, they just give you advice.

In the example above, you might be able to ask a lawyer what would happen given the country you are staying in and how long you were there. They might advise you that having only two days over your 90 day limit you need to book your return flight and when you go through customs you pay a small fine or they can notify you that the country in which you go to and exceeded your welcome has very strict rules, so you could face a fine and jail time.

Such information can be very helpful in ensuring that you resolve a legal issue as soon as possible.

Again, to go back to the same example, getting initial advice from an immigration lawyer can let you know you need to go to the airport immediately rather than waiting a week or two for a response. from the embassy.

Complications and legal aid

Hiring good lawyers can help you when legal complications arise. Legal complications can arise from many areas.

  1. You might have legal complications because you are now married and this changes the status of your current visa and also means that you need a new visa for your new spouse.
  2. You may have recently had children or adopted children and now you need not only the help of a family lawyer but also an immigration lawyer who can help you facilitate a visa. or citizenship while establishing parental rights.
  3. In other cases, you could lose your job and now you need to know how much time you have to find another job or leave the country, and what type of status you have during that time.
  4. Some legal complications arise from criminal activity. If you are currently on things like a work visa or a green card to America and you are convicted of a felony, depending on the seriousness of that crime, that could be grounds for deportation. Serious crimes can be grounds not only for being deported, but also for not being allowed to return to the United States for a specific length of time.

In any of these or other cases, you can get reliable legal advice from an immigration lawyer on matters such as extending your visa, applying for citizenship, obtaining a marriage visa, what documents you need for a different visa and when you need to fill out new forms.

How lawyers charge

If you choose to hire an immigration lawyer for initial advice or to help you due to complications, they will usually charge you a flat fee depending on the service they offer. For more complex cases, they may charge you an hourly rate based on the amount of work they perform. The first advice you get, if it comes from a consultation, might only cost you a few hundred dollars. After that, if you choose to hire this lawyer, any help they provide you with any complications or legal advice afterwards will come at a flat rate or an hourly rate. You can check what they will charge during your consultation.



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