PAO chief Persida Acosta gives legal advice online


It’s not always the case that social media is mostly dominated by tech-savvy millennials and Gen Z generations.

Take a look at the recent trend of “#PALA” from the Public Prosecutor’s Office (PAO) Persida Rueda-Acosta, which stands for Persida Acosta’s Legal Advice, an online legal advice information dissemination program on Facebook Live on the Facebook page “Persida V. Rueda- Acosta.”

From its second season “#PALA” (which airs live every Friday from 2-3 p.m.) to its recent episode aired on December 3, it has nearly hit over two million viewers and is still counting.

This catapults the head of the PAO on a par with the rest of the hysterical and controversial social media influencers, although it must be said that the profession of this formidable lawyer who passed the bar exam is on a ground much different and higher.

Head of Attorney General’s Office Persida Rueda-Acosta

Chief Acosta is most sought after for her expert legal advice and viewer rights under local and global law.

With investigations choking her up to her neck, she must be assisted by the PAO District and Regional Public Prosecutors nationwide to provide proper legal advice down to regional level concerns; this includes online mediation to resolve disputes to avoid unnecessary filing of cases in court.

Recalling, Atty. Persida’s phenomenal trend on Facebook at your fingertips that had spread to other social media platforms was just a deja vu from his past TV show called “Public Atorni”, a reality show of the first order which she brilliantly hosted for more than two years from 2010; it was under the aegis of the Associated Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

An on-air mediator and administrator of justice between seemingly irreconcilable warring parties, the amiable PAO chief-turned-TV host has caught the attention of the country’s leading award-winning bodies, including the Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC), the Catholic Mass Media Awards (CMMA), Philippine Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) and Gawad Tagapuring mga Akademisyan ng Aninong Gumagalaw (TANGLAW).

The strength of “#PALA” lies in its stunning content, high production value, and its entire direction, including the musical score for each episode. The host always tightly controls her cliffhangers to make her followers salivate much more in the next segment ad nauseam.

On record, there are more than three million supporters, dependents, and even advocates so to speak on the PAO agency’s free legal services nationwide. This number of voters along with their immediate relatives and friends can exponentially increase the number of subscribers to said show on social media.

This need not include the given niche market and captive viewers around the world who are hooked on the intricacies and nuances of the program’s legalese watered down by the host and its regional attorneys; they make the seemingly esoteric and academic subject matter less painful and easier to understand for laymen in the comfort of their home or while traveling with their cell phone in hand.

During the Q&A portion where said online trending program was brought to the table by Atty. Persida herself at an intimate media launch, friends from the entertainment press asked her if she was about to ‘resbake’, against some people who have wronged her or her agency in the past.

This earlier referred to the diabolical plan of the tandem of Senators Franklin Drilon and Juan Edgardo “Sonny” Angara, the infamous “insertion” of a provision in the 2021 budget that would emasculate and disband the PAO’s forensic division.

Atti. Persida, however, fought tooth and nail to expose the true motives of the aforementioned senators who were protecting as in the lawyer for Dengvaxia manufacturer Sanofi Pasteur Inc., a client of the Accra law firm of Angara where Drilon was a senior legal advisor. Rightly, this was opposed by the President. Rodrigo Roa-Duterte who slammed the two senators to perpetual shame. Is it Atty. Does Persida have the energy to take revenge on these two sleeping stooges in the Senate? Naaah! It’s not his cup of tea knowing that divine justice will prevail.

But Sanofi is not out of the woods yet. The 159 criminal cases referencing Dengvaxia victims that PAO has filed against the drug company as well as former and current Health Ministry officials, now Iloilo Representative Janette Garin and Health Secretary Francisco Duque, etc. . are well in place and in preparation.

Its battery of lawyers has sworn until its last breath to see and bring justice to the victims of Dengvaxia. You don’t mess with a lawyer like Atty. Persida who is renowned for not having lost a single case during her private practice before becoming chief PAO.

She confessed to being a social media follower who eats, drinks and sleeps death threats 24/7.

But it’s also the least of his fears.


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