Pawel Kentaro Grendys explains the importance of seeking legal advice when buying property


Pawel Kentaro Grendys, a Latin American real estate expert, explains the importance of working with a real estate lawyer before buying a property.

As well as advice on everything you need to know about the business you are going to do. It helps you to draft a preliminary contract where all the rules necessary for negotiation are established.

—Pawel Kentaro

MEXICO, September 27, 2022 / — Lawyers specializing in real estate law have become very important today. They help clients with all kinds of legal issues directly related to commercial real estate, residences, private properties, commercial leases, neighbors and tenants. Before concluding a real estate purchase, it is important to consult a lawyer specializing in real estate. Pawel Kentaro Grendysa real estate expert in Latin America, offers various reasons why this is necessary.

These professionals are used to facilitate procedures such as the transfer of real estate, including what is buying and selling, as well as for the preparation of rental agreements. Above all, they assist clients in carrying out the legal aspects of the property for rent, as well as in defending the rights of owners and tenants. Therefore, a real estate attorney specializes in land use, zoning, real estate development, and foreclosure, which is one of the reasons they have become so prominent today.

Explains Grendys, “A real estate lawyer is responsible for offering legal advice on all matters relating to property management, real estate restrictions and agreements, among many other issues related to what is private property. Therefore, his specialization is in real estate disputes, as well as deed and inconvenience issues related to the illegal usurpation of certain property or illegal transfers.

They also have the function of creating and registering documents on behalf of clients through power of attorney, as well as modifying the terms of contracts and agreements, and negotiating the purchase and sale through contracts. For all of this, they typically work with real estate developers, investors, brokers, and other types of attorneys.

Their mission is to prepare and review appraisals, leases, inspections of promises to purchase, as well as to draft documents to achieve financial agreements or rentals of private or commercial properties. They are also responsible for advising all clients on different matters depending on their needs, be it title deeds, environment or insurance.

Legal experts are responsible for representing their clients in court through power of attorney, as well as carrying out different legal procedures, participating in trials and hearings, filing appeals, among others. In this way, lawyers have the power to negotiate on behalf of their clients and help them find an effective solution. Additionally, they typically offer legal advice and review transactions called due diligence and involve a review of selling price history.

Having a lawyer specializing in real estate law will give you certain advantages, especially if you have different houses to rent or if you are constantly carrying out legal procedures for houses or businesses. Having the services of a specialist in the field will save you time, money and effort since their work leads them to be up to date in everything related to this subject.

The legal experts offer the availability of a database with all the necessary details and characteristics of the properties that are in optimal conditions of purchase with the best offers in the market and taking into account the financial capacity of the clients. In addition, they can provide exclusivity since they assume the commitment to find the properties that adapt to the needs of the clients, as well as to help them in all the legal procedures that this entails.

They also offer you greater caution when carrying out any legal proceedings with property or private property belonging to you. “As well as advice on everything you need to know about the business you are going to do. It helps you write a pre-contract where all the necessary rules for negotiation are established,” adds Grendys.

Having a real estate attorney at your disposal will always help you to go the legal route, as well as having a backup before any business you do. Keep in mind that the laws are very broad and vary by country, so advice before undertaking any procedure would be very important.

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