‘Politics Written Everywhere’: Cuomo’s Lawyer Questions AG Report


Senior attorney for former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo questions the report that brought down his client, calling it a political ploy.

Lawyer Rita Glavin held a briefing on the former governor’s campaign site calling on New York Attorney General Letitia James to “amend, correct and supplement” her report regarding the sexual harassment allegations that led to Cuomo’s resignation.

Glavin submitted a 150-page submission calling for further investigation by “a truly independent reviewer,” saying the initial report should not have been directly overseen by James.

She noted that it is important to correct the report as Cuomo is still under a judicial investigation by the Assembly, and that could fuel possible civil lawsuits that some of the former governor’s alleged victims have said. that they were planning to bring an action.

Glavin called James a “potential political rival,” noting that she did not disown a potential gubernatorial candidacy, and that the report came after Cuomo made it clear he was planning to run for a fourth term.

“Because of this conflict, which was a political conflict, the governor did not want the attorney general’s office to conduct or oversee the investigation,” she said. “She had a motive for drawing all possible claims against the governor who was a political rival who was planning to run for a fourth term.”

According to Glavin, the independent investigators chosen by James were biased, one being an attorney for the plaintiff and the other having previously investigated Cuomo and the governor’s office.

“Attorney General James chose to choose investigators who were not going to be independent… They came with a bias and predisposition against the governor and the executive chamber,” she said.

Glavin also said his office was denied access to evidence against Cuomo by James’ office, which “hinders our ability to provide a response.”

“You can’t run around and drop a report accusing someone… anyone… of any kind of misconduct, and then deny any legal responsibility to have a way to defend it in any form.

“This is wrong. It needs to be corrected and addressed, and no entity can be taken at face value, so I beg each of you to read our 150 page submission.

James responded later Wednesday afternoon, calling the press conference a “parody” and a “baseless attack.”

“Another day, another baseless attack by the former governor who resigned for not having to participate in an impeachment hearing,” she said in a statement. “The most concerning part of today’s charade was the former governor’s attempt to hush up a forensic criminal investigation into allegations that he used state resources for a book contract and a personal profit.

“This is not the Moreland Commission, and we will not be intimidated into shutting down this investigation like the former governor did with this commission.”

Glavin said there was a conflict of interest in James overseeing Cuomo’s investigation as she would consider a possible gubernatorial candidacy to replace him next year.

“It is obvious that (there is a conflict) for Attorney General James if he thinks he could run again, and it’s no secret what his campaign war chest is,” he said. she declared. “It is completely incompatible with the appearance of impartiality that she conducts this investigation when she has not answered this question.

“While the GA is showing up, if in any way, or in its form, she sees him as a political rival, whether he is considering standing or giving her war chest to an opponent, she has certainly didn’t seem to have a favorable impression of the governor and she should recuse herself.

Cuomo’s senior lawyer also played the shy when asked if the former governor planned to take another shot in 2022.

“Does the governor plan to run in 2022? I don’t know the answer to that question, ”she said. “I am his lawyer, not his political advisor. You will have to ask him.

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