Portsmouth law firm Coffin Mew leads environmental change


Ian Dawes, Partner and Head of Dispute Resolution at Coffin Mew.

Coffin Mew lawyers aim to modernize the judicial process and foster environmental change.

As part of the global ESG approach (Environment, Social and Governance) and a key element of COP26, the firm is committed to encouraging all lawyers involved in litigation to review their environmental impact.

Specifically, Coffin Mew calls on all parties, including witnesses to the complaint, to reduce two of the most important and often unnecessary activities, travel and excessive use of paper.

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Logo Going for Green Campaign on the climate environment launched by The News in March 2021 in collaboration with the Portsmouth Climate Action Board

Ian Dawes, Partner and Head of Dispute Resolution, Coffin Mew, said:

“Lawyers have been forced to change their practice over the past 18 months and those changes must continue – we must continue to behave and develop as if we are in the 21st century, not the 19th century.

As a company, we are committed to change and have implemented many ESG policies. We also want to encourage wider adoption within the industry, which is why we ask all lawyers working on behalf of their clients in contentious litigation to join us in implementing new ways of working. . ‘

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The company is looking to reduce trips to court by 20% and, where possible, use video conferencing instead. It also aims to reduce the production of paper – including physical copies of bundles for courts – and correspondence by 25%.

It will also inform third parties of its ESG engagement and encourage them to reduce the use of physical copies and unnecessary travel, where possible.

Ian said: “Video conferencing, for example, has proven to be very effective as a means of communication within our company and with our customers, and we are actively promoting its adoption more widely. There is no need to send hard copies of documents and letters in 80% of the cases they are currently sent.

I believe that the lessons learned from the last 18 months and if we persist in modern practices, will not only reduce carbon emissions, but also promote modern and greener litigation.

In addition, Coffin Mew joined Greener Litigation, a legal initiative aimed at reducing the environmental impact of dispute resolution.


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