Post Courier GG seeks legal advice on polls



Governor-General Sir Bob Dadae may consider elections in some violence-tainted constituencies to have “failed” based on advice from the Electoral Commissioner and State Attorney.

A Government House source said widespread election-related violence and the destruction of ballot boxes and ballot papers in the Highlands and Mamose areas forced the Head of State to summon the Electoral Commissioner to his office at 10 a.m. hours tomorrow morning.

The source said Sir Bob has also sought legal advice from the state attorney, who will then advise him on what action he can take in relation to the widespread violence and the hijacking and destruction of ballot papers and ballot boxes, preventing the people from exercising their democratic rights to choose their leaders.

The source said Sir Bob is very concerned that the county’s National General Election (NGE) has not gone smoothly, as the newspapers report.

The source said the Viceroy was also concerned that security was an issue as they were dispersed with no effect resulting in many ballot boxes being hijacked and destroyed by the candidates and their supporters.

Sources said the GG was also concerned about the timing of the return of the writs with just 10 days left until July 29 and the count in many densely populated provinces has yet to start.

Sir Bob wanted to know how quickly they could complete the count in time before the writs return on Friday next week.

For the benefit of readers, Article 86 of the National Constitution on Duties, Roles and Responsibilities, and Paragraph 2 of the Constitution provide that the Head of State acts only with and in accordance with the advice of the National Executive Council, or other body or authority prescribed by Constitutional Act or Act of Parliament for any particular purpose as such body or authority upon whose advice Sir Bob is bound to act in any particular case .

Therefore, in accordance with this law, Sir Bob has decided to seek advice from Mr. Sinai and the State Attorney on the next course of action he can take for the good of the people and the nation.

The sources said that based on the advice of Mr Sinai and the state attorney, Sir Bob could decide whether to declare the elections in certain electorates and provinces identified as having failed or not.


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