Renowned lawyer appeals Naira Ashraf murder


Famous Egyptian lawyer Farid al-Deeb on Saturday filed a memorandum of cassation in the case of the murder of Naira Ashraf.

Deeb said last month that he had not withdrawn his defense of Mohamed Adel, 22, the assassin of the Mansoura University student.

He filed the memorandum and grounds for appeal to the Court of Cassation on Saturday against the death sentence before the expiry of the legal 60-day period to appeal the criminal convictions.

Adel killed his colleague from the Ashraf Faculty of Arts, at the gate of Mansoura University in broad daylight before the June 20 end-of-year exam.

The accused stabbed the victim 19 times while trying to decapitate her.

The criminal court of Mansoura read its verdict against Adel on July 6, after a very short trial which made headlines in the Arab world, and sentenced the accused to death by hanging.

The court demanded that lawmakers allow live streaming of death sentences, to deter any future incidents.

Adel confessed to the crime in court and was charged with “premeditated murder”.

The incident came to public attention after a video clip emerged in June showing Adel stabbing and killing Ashraf to death, over his refusal to marry her after he proposed to her.


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