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Mr Sabelo Sibanda, a lawyer from Cape Town, and Ms Debbie Els, a human rights activist, visited Secunda last week and consulted with employees who felt they had no choice in the workplace regarding vaccination against Covid-19.

Ms Els said they are pro-choice and that everyone has the right to decide whether they want to be vaccinated or not.

Mr Sibanda said he was ready to fight for the rights of the people and, according to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, each person has the individual right to choose not to undergo medical or scientific experience.

“Every individual has the right to say no and to decide what goes into their body and what doesn’t,” Sibanda said.

He urged all employees facing employers who wish to force them to be vaccinated, to familiarize themselves with the Constitution and the health law.

“Then they will see a full distribution of rights that will allow them to make decisions about what is in their best interest and what is not.

“People are threatened with getting vaccinated, it is illegal to threaten people.

“Others are promised they will get a promotion at work if they opt for the vaccine.”

If someone is employed by a business or entity, it does not mean that that business or entity has a right to a person’s life.

“Your personal rights have nothing to do with your employer as long as you are in good health and able to perform your duties.

“Employers who put pressure on workers to get vaccinated violate their right to psychological integrity. “

Mr Sibanda has noticed that employees are under tremendous pressure from the vaccine and find themselves in situations where they fear losing their jobs and not being able to support their families.

He informed employees of the Nuremberg Code which was established in 1947 for medical practice and stated that managers who violate the human rights of their employees can be charged with aiding and abetting crimes against humanity if something goes wrong with people who are pressured to get vaccinated.

Ms Els encouraged workers to bring legal documents to their employers if they urged them to get the vaccine.

“Whatever you do, don’t quit. Let your employers follow the process, ”Ms. Els said.

“If you need chemotherapy, it’s your right to take it or refuse it, not your employer’s right.

“You have a choice and you can win, if you stand up and fight for your rights. “

She and Mr Sibanda informed employers during the counseling sessions that the vaccine is not yet licensed as a vaccine and that long-term studies have not yet been performed.

The pharmaceutical companies are not responsible for any problem.

“They’re experimenting with people,” Ms. Els said.

Mr Sibanda used the country, Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory and a promontory on the southern coast of Spain as an example and said the entire adult population was vaccinated, but the rate positive of Covid-19 is increasing.

“What is the point of vaccination then and what do we face then?

“Maybe we should learn the lessons from this small country,” said Sibanda.

He advised all companies taking the pressure-pressuring their employees to get vaccinated to seek legal advice, as they may run a liability risk.

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has said that vaccinated and unvaccinated people are equal spreaders of Covid-19, so they contradict each other,” Ms. Els said.



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