SF Fil-Am Lawyers Offer Free Legal Advice To Small Business Owners



Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses have struggled to stay open or have had to close, but a Fil-Am group is supporting small business owners and entrepreneurs with free legal advice.

The Northern California Philippine Bar Association (FBANC) and the San Francisco Bay Area Civil Rights Lawyers Committee are hosting a free virtual legal clinic from September 26 to October 2.

FBANC Vice President Nelson Pineda Lam hopes all small business owners ask for help as they try to recover from tough economic times.

” The big enterprises [have] also been affected but at the same time they have many experts, advice and opinions; and that’s not always the case for those small businesses that are just trying to make ends meet, ”Lam said.

Those interested should be prepared to summarize their situation in order to get the best advice.

“We have a group of volunteers, lawyers – about 30 of them – who have expertise in a wide range of different practice areas. So I’m talking about business contracts, business contacts, labor law, intellectual property, real estate – – you name it. “

FBANC has organized similar events in the past, with the aim of uplifting the community. Lam clarified: “This is a consultation. It doesn’t necessarily create an attorney-client engagement, an ongoing relationship. It’s more of a way for small businesses to get that feedback and understand what questions they should be asking and what kind of resources they need. And this is a first discussion on this subject. “

To register for the free Virtual Legal Clinic or for more information, you can go online at fbanc.org or call 650-733-4603.

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