So Ji-sub returns with MBC’s “Doctor Lawyer”


Actor So Ji-sub poses for photos ahead of an online press conference on Friday. (MBC)

A-list actor So Ji-sub is making his highly anticipated return to MBC’s “Doctor Lawyer” TV series.

“I’ve attended many press conferences for my previous projects, but I think I’m always nervous before presenting a series to talk about it,” So said with a smile of excitement at a press conference. online Friday.

Returning for the first time after winning the grand prize at the 2018 MBC Drama Awards, So was sure his next series would satisfy many theater fans.

“From thrilling storylines to splendid performances from all cast, ‘Doctor Lawyer’ is sure to be a hit series. If you don’t watch our series, you’ll be hard pressed to find something to talk about with your friends,” the actor joked. .

TV director Lee Yong-suk, who was behind the hit dramas “Iljimae (One Blossom Branch)” (2008), “The Great Seer” (2013) and more, thought “Doctor Lawyer” personally meant something special.

So Ji-sub answers questions in an online press conference. (MBC)

“During my long career as a director, I have produced many drama series in various genres, including comedies, period dramas, thrillers, action films, film noir and soap operas. But I’ve never produced medical drama,” Lee said.

Although the director denied intentionally avoiding the medical genre, Lee admitted he kept a distance.

“Because we have to shoot the scenes from different angles, a lot of time is needed for the operation scenes. You also have to study a lot to understand medicine well. I knew it was a difficult path, but I wanted to develop my abilities as a creator,” added the director.

So Ji-sub plays the role of medical lawsuit attorney Han Yi-han in “Doctor Lawyer.” (MBC)

So, 44, who plays medical lawsuit lawyer Han Yi-han, said his character was the main reason for joining the show.

“A doctor is a person who saves a patient’s life. And, to some extent, a lawyer also saves someone. I think this unique characteristic of crossing the two professional fields is what makes Yi-han such a fascinating character,” So said.

The actor shared that he even went to a study cafe to memorize his lines.

“I didn’t want viewers to feel uncomfortable when I acted as both a doctor and a lawyer. The words and expressions were definitely difficult compared to those spoken in other jobs. The Cycle practice, question, action and confirmation was needed,” So said, passionately explaining how much he wanted to meet viewers’ expectation.

“Doctor Lawyer” centers on Han Yi-han, a talented surgeon who fails to save a patient’s life after an operation gone wrong. The story unfolds as he becomes a medical lawyer and uncovers the secrets of his failed surgery.

The 16-episode series airs Friday at 9:50 p.m. on MBC.

“Doctor Lawyer” will also be available through local streaming platform Wavve.

By Lee Si-jin ([email protected])


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