Tax lawyer turned artisanal cheese maker Manya Bhardwaj


I started learning cheese making from this great lady Namrata Sundaresan, who has her own brand of artisan cheese called Kase in Chenai.

She is a phenomenal teacher, one of the best teachers I have met in my life. I look forward to learning from her again today. I’ve been learning for a year and a half, and she continues to teach me, to hold my hand.

She’s always been a mentor, but over time she’s also become a great friend because it’s a niche and nascent industry, there aren’t many people you can go to to solve problems. problems.

And you run into a lot of problems when you’re making cheese. It’s difficult. You won’t find answers on the internet, so you need people who have been on this journey, who know what they are doing.

Namrata is a person who is always there to help you, to hold you in hand if necessary.

The next person I learned about is Sohrab Chinoy from ABC Farms. He is one of the pioneers of artisanal cheese making in India. With years of experience behind him, he had so much knowledge to impart, not just in terms of cheese making, but of life in general.

It was so good to learn from him, to interact with him. He always had these little anecdotes that he shared from time to time.

Cheese making is a slow process. It involves a lot of waiting. So you need to have that rapport with your mentor so that you can strike up a conversation between yourselves during those long hours. I was very lucky to have found mentors with whom I formed excellent relationships.


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