Team of 50 lawyers part ways with revamped West Coast law firm Selman


  • Hawkins Parnell & Young will hire more than 50 litigants Selman Breitman
  • Selman Breitman will turn an insurance group into a new company

(Reuters) – Lawyers at midsize West Coast law firm Selman Breitman are parting ways, with insurance lawyers planning to reorganize into a new firm as litigants join another firm, Hawkins Parnell & Young.

The two firms said in separate statements Thursday that effective Jan. 1, attorneys from Selman Breitman’s insurance group will practice at a new firm named Selman, Leichenger, Edson, Hsu, Newman & Moore. Atlanta-based Hawkins Parnell will at the same time bring in more than 50 Selman Breitman litigators as the legacy firm disbands.

Ron Polly, co-managing partner at defense litigation firm Hawkins Parnell, said the move was driven by Los Angeles-based Selman Breitman’s hedging and litigation groups deciding to go in different directions. different.

“The decision to change direction in this manner was made collectively and amicably by our leaders,” Neil Selman, founding partner of Selman Breitman, said in a statement. He will remain with the new Selman firm as counsel while entrusting the management to two co-managing partners.

Sheryl Leichenger, who will serve as associate co-director, said in an emailed statement that the new Selman firm will have 45 lawyers.

Hawkins Parnell, which will grow from 110 to 160 attorneys, will gain new offices with Selman attorneys in San Diego, Orange County, Seattle and Las Vegas, while adding attorneys to its existing Los Angeles offices and San Francisco.

The additions to the firm, which has offices nationwide, help Hawkins Parnell diversify its West Coast practice areas beyond its current focus on mass crimes, Polly said. He said lawyers from both firms have known each other for years.

Although a major group hire rather than a merger, Hawkins Parnell’s move reflects a geographic growth strategy that has fueled other law firm combinations this year.

Completed law firm mergers increased in 2022 compared to 2021, although they were still below the 10-year historical average in the first three quarters of the year, according to legal consultancy Fairfax Associates. .

Several other firm amalgamations are set to go into effect Jan. 1, 2023, including one announced Thursday between Ohio law firm Brouse McDowell, which has more than 80 attorneys, and 7-lawyer Pennsylvania firm Ekker, Kuster, McCall and Epstein.

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