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SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – September 24, 2021 – Tembusu Law LLC, recently launched 2 new websites, SingaporeFamilyLawyer.com and TheSingaporeLawyer.com. With the aim of ensuring transparency on the functioning of the legal sector in Singapore, Tembusu Law LLC aims to provide free legal advice through these two platforms.

Understanding the weak points of clients, Tembusu Law LLC decided to launch these two websites with the aim of educating the public on legal issues.

Singapore Family Lawyer is a new website that focuses on marital and divorce issues for couples who want to file for divorce but don’t know where to start. Plus, the website even provides useful information on child custody issues, alimony, and the division of marital property.

On the other hand, The Singapore Lawyer is a new website that provides a wider range of legal advice relating to criminal law, family law, business law and civil litigation. The goal of both websites is to serve different Singaporean audiences.

The firm also hopes that through these two new websites, more Singaporeans will be able to access quality legal advice online.

With the firm belief that law firms should be created to provide a higher purpose through free access to legal advice, Tembusu Law LLC believes that profit cannot be the only reason businesses exist. Tembusu Law believes in providing valuable legal advice to Singaporeans, in order to bring about positive change and better access to help, answers, fairness and justice.

The firm also has over 50 videos on The Singapore Lawyer YouTube channel, which provides free legal advice to the masses, Tembusu Law LLC has no plans to stop providing free and valuable content to help Singaporeans. to make informed decisions when faced with legal problems. .

About Tembusu Law LLC

Founded in 2019, Tembusu Law LLC is a Singapore-based law firm that launched The Singapore Lawyer and Singapore Family Lawyer initiatives. Both initiatives were founded on a commitment to helping people and motivated by a call to serve a higher purpose – to provide better access to help, answers, fairness and justice. Tembusu Law LLC offers free consultations for everyone, and even pro bono services for those who are qualified.



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