Top lawyer launched robbery when cabin crew refused to let his children’s nanny join him in business class, and he became ‘disruptive’, report says


A top British lawyer was sacked from a British Airways flight last week after a row with cabin crew over their nanny’s seating arrangement heated up, according to MailOnline.

Charles Banner, 41, and his family, including two children, aged one and four, were escorted off the flight from London Heathrow to Turin, Italy, by armed police last Thursday, MailOnline reported.

The flight was stalled for 90 minutes due to Banner’s row with cabin crew over his children’s nanny who couldn’t join them in business class, MailOnline said.

Banner said he booked the nanny in business class so he and his wife could work while she looked after their children, per MailOnline. Banner is a member of the Queen’s Counsel, a solicitor appointed by the Queen.

But British Airways demoted its nanny because the flight was oversold, the airline said.

Banner claims British Airways staff were ‘rude’ to him when he asked cabin crew if the nanny could sit in a spare business class seat, he told MailOnline. The airline insisted there were no extra seats in the cabin.

The row reportedly turned heated and, according to MailOnline, the pilot insisted they were removed from the flight. Police were called and the family was escorted off the plane, British Airways said.

“If BA had told me the nanny couldn’t sit with us on business we wouldn’t have traveled and could have caught a later flight. But they only told us when we got to the gate,” Banner told MailOnline.

“I behaved perfectly, but I challenged the cabin crew because it was the right thing to do. The pettiness and vindictiveness of the staff caused this. I was very polite about it all” , he continued.

Banner and his family had to book a hotel near the airport and flew in from London Gatwick Airport the following day with EasyJet, MailOnline reported.

The attorney did not respond to Insider’s request for comment.

In a statement sent to Insider, a British Airways spokesperson said: “We do not tolerate disruptive behavior and the safety of our customers and crew is our top priority.”


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