Trademark Lawyer Teaches Black Entrepreneurs How to Own Their Brand Effectively


Attorney Shymane Robinson, Founder and CEO of True Lawyer

AT NATIONAL SCALE – Lawyer Shymane Robinson, Founder and CEO of real lawyerhelps transform communities by helping entrepreneurs own their business and intellectual property without the costly legal fees.

“Property looks different in 2022; I see a change and a huge opportunity in ownership,” says Shymane Robinson. Social media platforms have sped things up by capitalizing on the intellectual property of creators.

From physical property (real estate) to intellectual property, entrepreneurs and creators need to be aware that the intellectual property they share has value. Photos, blog posts, courses, viral sayings (slogans) shared on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, entrepreneurs should take sole ownership of their creativity and leverage their intellectual property for profit.

Brand ownership is a great way to close the wealth gap. Intellectual property protections account for more than $8 trillion in economic activity, according to the USPTO. It is imperative that small businesses have access to ownership of patents, trademarks and copyrights allowing them to acquire exclusive ownership and be compensated for their inventions and creative ideas, thus helping to close the gap of wealth.

The number one reason small businesses fail to protect their intellectual property is high legal costs. True Lawyer understands that lack of legal representation contributes to the wealth gap. To close this wealth gap, we need to focus on ownership – business ownership, intellectual property, and real estate ownership.

“In an effort to increase ownership and help transform communities, True Lawyer has launched Your Vision is Worth Billions. MARK IT! A do-it-yourself online trademark course to ensure that all start-ups, creators and small businesses can own their trademark without the high legal costs,” says Shymane. The online course is available for just $997.

With nearly five years under her belt leading the law firm True Lawyer, Shymane has grown into a highly successful national law firm focused on transforming communities by helping small businesses take ownership of their brand with brands and leveraging their assets with real estate.

For more information, visit True Lawyer’s Instagram account @Truelawyer or their website to receive more information about this course.

Founded by Shymane Robinson, True Lawyer is a Chicago-based trademark law firm serving clients nationwide. True Lawyer helps transform communities by helping entrepreneurs take ownership of their brand and leverage their assets with real estate. At a time when black wealth would be $0 by 2053, True Lawyer has established itself as the go-to outlet for flat-rate legal services ensuring everyone has access to legal representation when

start a business, protect your business or transfer assets. Accumulating, protecting and transferring wealth is the key to reducing the wealth gap in the black community. True Lawyer is one of the few law firms to offer flat-rate services and make legal representation accessible to clients who do not have deep pockets or are not eligible for pro bono services.


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