Tughans Law Firm Announces Nine New Appointments



Belfast Tughans commercial law firm has announced the appointment of nine people to new positions in the practice.

ughans has appointed new directors, qualified lawyers and interns.

Kevin Hegarty joined the health department as a director, after approximately three years as an associate at O’Reilly Stewart Solicitors.

In his new role, he will act on behalf of medical compensation bodies and individual clinicians involved in medical negligence cases, regulatory / disciplinary proceedings, inquiries and investigations.

Mr. Hegarty previously worked in defense litigation, acting for large insurance companies in the UK and Ireland.

Ben Sims, a former three-year senior executive in the PwC legal team, has been appointed corporate team manager.

He has worked in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) teams in Manchester, Dublin and Singapore.

Mr. Sims has advised on merger and acquisition transactions, including venture capital and private equity transactions.

And newly qualified attorneys Kate Loughran, Shane Boyle, Shane McElhatton and Aoife Murray have now completed their legal training at Tughans.

They have now joined the finance and restructuring, insurance litigation, commercial litigation and contracts & IT departments.

Law graduates Ellen Dalzell, Niamh McGrath and Olivia Lewis have also started their two-year legal education program with the firm, which will include all areas of practice, from commercial litigation to corporate law.

Patrick Brown, Managing Partner of Tughans, said: “Our company is focused on developing high quality teams through our dedicated training program and we are delighted to welcome Ellen Dalzell, Niamh McGrath and Olivia Lewis to Tughans this year.

“We are also delighted to maintain a strong track record in being able to offer our newly qualified lawyers a position upon completion of their training contract and congratulate Kate, Shane, Shane and Aoife on their accomplishments.

“These very talented and ambitious lawyers and interns bring new perspective and energy to the firm, which will benefit our clients.

“We also welcome Kevin and Ben as directors in the expansion of healthcare and business services respectively.”

Tughans was recently named Northern Ireland’s Most Active Commercial Law Firm for six years in a row, leading the Experian Deal and Advisor for M&A and Real Estate activity in 2020.

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