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Stop water damage with tarpaulins

The jury found that State Farm knowingly violated the Texas Insurance Code and awarded the plaintiff damages equivalent to seven times his property damage.

EULESS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Euless, Texas is a small town nestled between Fort Worth and Dallas. As part of Tarrant County, Euless has had its fair share of severe weather events. Chad T. Wilson Law firm client Aaron P. suffered a wind storm in the spring of 2018. Typical of many homeowners who experience storm damage, he remembered the storm but didn’t notice water entering his home until heavy rains sprayed the area some months later.

Frantic at the sight of the water intrusion, Aaron called his State Farm agent to report the loss. His agent’s initial response was to tell Aaron that he had no complaints – no attempt to send someone to inspect. The customer went to Home Depot, bought a tarp, and covered one area of ​​the roof that he believed water was getting in. He called his State Farm agent again and insisted his house had to be inspected. This time, the agent’s rep assured him “not to worry,” and they would have an inspector in a week to inspect … while water was leaking from his ceiling in several different places.

According to our client, the State Farm claims adjuster walked in and immediately responded with some weird explanation of the water damage reported by our client. Our client knew from the start that this State Farm claims adjuster was not there to help. After a myriad of false explanations about the water stains, the adjuster spent a few minutes on the roof and then left without saying a word. Our client received a letter from State Farm a few days later stating his damage was $ 0. The letter also stated that State Farm found other damage to the customer’s home, such as damage from vermin, insects, birds, latent defects and the like, none of which was noted in the claim file. of State Farm, nor existed on the property.

Our client cried foul at State Farm, and State Farm sent two different experts for a second inspection. Both of these people saw damage from the windstorms, but kept the damage amount at $ 550 and below the deductible. Afterwards, our client came to ask us for help. State Farm sent a third adjuster before legal action was filed. In the end, State Farm or its lawyers redacted all traces of this expert’s conclusions in the file which was provided to us without justification for these omissions.

State Farm would ultimately assign a litigation expert to inspect the 60-year-old home. This litigation “expert” has now cited a litany of uncovered damage, citing soot, candles, faulty gas appliances, rodents, termites, foundation problems, “glare on the carpet”, wear and tear, tears, “weather events”, burst roof nails, errors from adjusters, and even soda on the ceiling. State Farm’s litigation experts have been particularly dishonest in their findings.

After a controversial three-year legal battle, trial attorneys Chad T. Wilson and Amanda fulton facing State Farm’s legal team in a Tarrant County courtroom. Through factual and expert witness testimony, methodical direct examination, and often eviscerative cross-examination, Mr. Wilson and Ms. Fulton told the jury the story of Aaron and the mistreatment inflicted by him. its long-standing insurer. Ironically, Aaron chose State Farm as his insurer because his family had been with State Farm for decades. When it came time to buy his first home in 2002, the decision was easy for him, and he went with State Farm. He didn’t know how worthless State Farm’s promise to be there when he needed it most was.

After two and a half days, the jury was dispatched to deliberate at 2:15 p.m. on September 17, 2021. They returned two hours and ten minutes later with a unanimous verdict in favor of the plaintiff citing State Farm was responsible for all counts. and providing damages. on each of these counts. The jury awarded more than $ 24,000 in property damages that State Farm did not pay. The jury also hit State Farm with various punitive damages for violations of the Texas insurance code and unreasonable acts. Further, the jury found that State Farm knowingly committed these wrongdoing and knowingly violated the Insurance Code. Jurors ended up awarding Aaron more than seven times the amount deemed necessary to repair his house.

After the trial ended, jurors said they were disappointed with how State Farm handled Aaron’s claim, how State Farm “covered” the random inspection of the first adjuster, and were deeply troubled that ‘it took three years and a lawsuit for State Farm to admit they had made a mistake; it was obvious to the jury that State Farm’s admission was only for damage control, there was no remorse. This jury was made up of citizens of Tarrant County, a jurisdiction generally known as a difficult place for plaintiffs. Not only did this jury see that the actions of defendant State Farm were wrong, but they delivered a unanimous verdict that left no doubt how wrong State Farm was in this case.

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