What Kim Kardashian hopes to do with her dream law firm


Kardashian star Kim Kardashian still hopes to become a licensed attorney. She also dreams of running a successful law firm.

Kim Kardashian from the next Hulu show The Kardashians still has the hope of being a licensed attorney, as well as the dream of running a successful law firm. As Kim works to get into law school, the billionaire reality star shares her plans for when she becomes a lawyer. Kim is passionate about her prison reform work and only wants to take her work to new heights. With her own law firm, Kim will have more power and influence over the cases she oversees.

In 2019, Kim shared her goal of becoming a lawyer like her late father, Robert Kardashian Sr. The SKIMS founder took inspiration from him and eventually took the time to explore his legal interests. Kim from The Kardashians began studying for the baby bar exam which is required to enter law school. However, she admitted to failing the test twice. Last December, Kim received the good news that she had finally passed the difficult exam and could apply to law school. However, she has yet to be accepted into law school.


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As Kim moves closer to entering law school to become a licensed attorney, the business mogul shares her plans. She wants to do certain things once she’s able to officially add”squireto his resume.I dream of one day creating a successful law firm,” Kim said Vogue Hong Kong in its April 2022 cover story. The Kardashians star and mother of four revealed that she had “never worked so hard” for everything she did to pass the baby bar. After her death in December 2021, Kim is even closer to achieving her ultimate goal of becoming a lawyer. “I had to be very diligent to study and devote every minute of free time to it,” Kim explained, noting how “passionate” She is “on criminal justice reform.

The owner of KKW Fragrance wants to continue her work for the cause”and I want to defend those who I believe have been wrongfully convicted,Kim said. Her father was the famed attorney who helped secure OJ Simpson’s acquittal in the infamous murder trial involving his ex-wife and Kris Jenner’s late friend Nicole Brown Simpson. The Kardashians‘ Kim credits her father for being the one who introduced her to the legal world and helped ignite her spark for the profession. “Spending time with my dad in his office definitely influenced me,said Kim. She added, “Doing this work has been in my soul for years and I am so proud to do it now.

Kim has dedicated himself to the fight for criminal justice reform. She often uses her platform to raise awareness of cases of injustice or to help possibly wrongfully convicted or non-violent offenders get released from prison. Kim has worked with presidents, politicians and inclusion leaders to seek social justice. Kim from The Kardashians the work within the cause has helped the star to portray herself in new ways, in addition to being a famous reality TV star. Now, Kim is revealing her plans to open a law firm that could bring new business (and possible reality TV shows) to her practice. The opportunities are always endless for Kim Kardashian.

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Source: Vogue Hong Kong

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