What qualifies for catastrophic injuries?


After a bodily injury, there is a wide range of physical bodily harm and emotional trauma that a person can experience. Some incidents can produce harmful effects so serious that they have a permanent impact on a person’s life. All forms of trauma that occur after bodily accidents can be shocking to a person and this is especially true when the hurt is so great.

People who live in Mississippi can file a personal injury claim for damage suffered after a personal injury accident. This is especially true when a personal injury accident is the result of the actions of another negligent party. To find out more if you have a strong case for filing a successful claim, call the German law firm, PLLC. Bob Germany is a Jackson’s auto accident lawyer with over 40 years of experience in prosecuting victims of many types of personal injury accidents.

What is a catastrophic injury?

When a person suffers such severe injury that their ability to fully recover is not likely to occur and the implications of their injuries could be permanent, it is considered a catastrophic injury. Many injuries can be characterized as catastrophic. Catastrophic injuries are devastating to a person’s life. This is true for physical well-being, emotional health, and a person’s ability to maintain gainful employment.

Generally, when a person has catastrophic injuries that were inflicted by a negligent party, that reckless party is required to compensate the victim for his damages. Catastrophic injury claims can result in very high settlement amounts. This is true because the severity of the damage may require intensive, long-term medical attention and the associated pain and suffering.

Medical care doesn’t come cheap. If a person is in need of lifelong therapy, support to function in daily life, and other treatment services, their personal injury claim amount will be significant.

If you believe you have suffered a catastrophic personal injury accident in Jackson, it is best to call the catastrophic injury lawyer Jackson of the German law firm, PLLC. Bob Germany can review your case and give you a good idea of ​​its value.

Catastrophic injuries can be debilitating and decrease the quality of life of a victim. If the details surrounding how the catastrophic injury incident happened were heinous, then it might be possible to get punitive damages as well. Although punitive damages are not often awarded, some situations require an additional sum of money as punishment for the defendant for their behavior. Driving while intoxicated where a person is killed or paralyzed could be an example of where a judge would approve punitive damages.

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