Wiltshire law firm merges with competitor to grow team


A longtime Wiltshire law firm has merged with a competing firm to strengthen its family law team.

Bevirs Law has offices in Swindon, Royal Wootton Bassett and Calne – and has now hired staff from Worthington Family Law.

Natalee Worthington founded the latter firm in West Swindon in 2019 and has now joined Bevirs Law as a partner and head of household with PA Annette Janman.

Natalee takes over the reins of the department from General Counsel Stuart McNeil, who plans to retire next spring.

Stuart said, “Natalee is a very experienced and well-respected family lawyer and her hands-on, client-focused approach will enhance the existing team at Bevirs Law.

“Her knowledge of managing her own practice makes her an ideal choice for the role of head of the family, which will continue to grow stronger in the years to come under her leadership.

Natalee said the merger was good news for her clients, who transferred with her.

She added: “Bevirs Law is a very well known law firm, which has been around for a long time and enjoys an excellent reputation. I know Stuart well, because he’s been on the opposite side in a number of cases.

“I had planned to grow my business and hire more lawyers because I have a full workload, but when I was approached the merger was a great solution.

“By joining Bevirs Law, my clients are still with me, but they now have access to all the other services offered by the firm.

“People who divorce often need other legal help, such as renewing their wills or instructing a transferor to transfer a property from common names to their sole name or to sell a property. When I was self-employed I had to refer clients outside, but now we can keep that in-house.

Bevirs Law was established in 1885, employs over 40 people and is a multidisciplinary practice with services for individuals and businesses.

Natale grew up at Royal Wootton Bassett and began her career as a trainee lawyer at a local law firm in 2009 before qualifying in 2011.

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